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Everyday moments that puzzle us or catch our attention hold the potential to show us something about ourselves, to inform and enlighten us.

I have been exploring these moments from my own life through my blog posts (previously called Muses) for over five years. Spiritual lessons have been taught to me through a myriad of sources including: spider webs, cloudy days, my kitchen renovation, and getting lost driving to the airport.

Let’s identify together the little and big things that speak to us in our day-to-day lives. Read my posts, tell me your thoughts, share your experiences with other readers. Let’s create a spirited life, one moment at a time.

Transcending Habitual Discontent

Psychologist, author, and personal growth coach Gay Hendricks tells of a life-changing revelation in his book, The Big Leap. One day, Dr. Hendricks came back to his office feeling good after an enjoyable lunch and work discussion with a colleague. Pausing for a moment, Hendricks’s realization expanded – not only was work going well, so… [Read More]

Yes, It Was Worth It

During my career as a musician, I was intrigued with eurhythmics, a modality that teaches musical rhythm and expression through movement. Simply put, it helps musicians embody music. I first learned eurhythmics during my undergraduate years and it transformed my classically trained, intellectual approach to music into a more felt-sense, expressive one. Through its sometimes… [Read More]


As a child, it was with great excitement that I received a wood-cased metronome from my piano teacher. She showed me how to wind it up, how to set the weight higher or lower on the metal post so that it would swing back and forth, faster and slower. “Tick, tock, tick, tock,” it whispered… [Read More]

Decorative Clouds

Do you watch the clouds? I do. Looking up at the sky, I feel a connection with “above,” which simultaneously helps me feel grounded with the earth I’m standing on “below.” My eyes drift up as I walk around my neighborhood, drive in my car, sit on the shore at the ocean. I love the… [Read More]

It’s Never Too Late…for Some Things

What am I learning? What am I experiencing that is helping me grow spiritually? These are the questions I ask myself on a regular basis. They’re the starting points for my creative process when I write my monthly blogs and weekly Wednesday’s Wisdom posts, as I work out radio show content and develop workshops. Last… [Read More]

Maybe You Don’t Have to Set Aside Time…

Years ago, when my interest in spirituality deepened, I became intrigued with wanting to discover who I really was in my Essence, in my Highest Self. I wanted to read, meditate, contemplate. Seeking to create a spiritual life, I was advised over and over again to set aside time…time to meditate, to write in a… [Read More]

Crossing the Fa Bridge

Judith was explaining how she creates her own art and teaches her students to create theirs. “I’ve learned to recognize the point in a creative endeavor when an obstacle is first encountered. Prior to that moment, the project is flowing well; the artist is full of enthusiasm. But, inevitably, the artist hits what the early… [Read More]

The Wisdom of the Fool

April Fool’s Day has come and gone, and I’m ok with that. Hoaxes and practical jokes aren’t particularly my type of humor. Though it’s meant to be in good fun, I fully admit I’m not the best sport about being tricked and made to feel foolish. Traditionally, fools have had a pretty bad rap. When… [Read More]

Can’t Stop Talkin’ About It…

Here in New England, we really can’t seem to stop talking about the snow. Perhaps that’s because here in New England, it really can’t seem to stop snowing. The storms began in late January, and, at the time of this writing, we’re measuring over one hundred inches of snow…and counting. A few more inches and… [Read More]

Go Within

A few months ago, a friend from Groton told me that while driving home one day, she’d spotted a bear on someone’s lawn. It turns out that hers wasn’t the only bear sighting in town. According to the Groton, “Bears abound in Groton these days, with sightings of bears from all corners and the… [Read More]