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Everyday moments that puzzle us or catch our attention hold the potential to show us something about ourselves, to inform and enlighten us.

I have been exploring these moments from my own life through my blog posts (previously called Muses) for over five years. Spiritual lessons have been taught to me through a myriad of sources including: spider webs, cloudy days, my kitchen renovation, and getting lost driving to the airport.

Let’s identify together the little and big things that speak to us in our day-to-day lives. Read my posts, tell me your thoughts, share your experiences with other readers. Let’s create a spirited life, one moment at a time.

A Blessing for Autumn

As we fall into Autumn, may we enjoy the Beauty of the season’s change, stand in Truth and Harmony with all we encounter, know Compassion for each other on this Adventure we call life. In facing our challenges, may we Discern with Clarity, stand in Truth, and experience inner Balance. May we enjoy the Spontaneity… [Read More]

Declare Your Personal Independence!

While the traditional Fourth of July holiday is grounded in a celebration of our country’s independence, we can apply the same energy to our personal lives by declaring our own independence from anything that seemingly binds and traps us. What holds you captive? Maybe you feel like the world is against you, or that you’re… [Read More]

Summer Solstice Blessing

May the summertime bring you Joy and Humor. May the time of Education continue, but with Simplicity, Play, and Relaxation as part of the curriculum! Move through summer’s heat with Efficiency – spending just the right amount of energy – so that you experience Expansiveness and Abundance with ease and grace.  Cultivate Balance as you Purify and Transform, grow… [Read More]

Blessing the New Year 2017

During a Winter Solstice Ritual on December 21, each of us drew an Angel Card to bring in a guiding, inspiring quality for the coming year. We shared the quality we’d drawn by articulating it as a blessing offered both for ourselves and for each other in the circle. What follows is a blessing composed… [Read More]

Taking a Leap!

Our daughter, Laura, was about eighteen months old – steady on her legs, a good walker – the day my husband and I took her to the shoe store to buy some new sneakers. Leaving behind her old, scuffed shoes, she seemed delighted with her new colorful, roomier pair and had a spring in her… [Read More]

Transforming the Trap…a la Groundhog Day

I have loved the movie Groundhog Day since it came out in 1993. This movie has a following – it’s still played in marathon showings yearly on February 2nd – and I can see its appeal. Bill Murray plays the lead role, and Murray’s dry, sardonic wit gives the movie the perfect combination of sharp-edged… [Read More]

A Blessing for the Turning of the Year

May you know patience and kindness, grace and laughter. May your hearts open and your connection into the Divine Within deepen with every breath. Together, may we create Right Balance with our blessed planet, her waters, air, earth, sun, moon, stars, galaxies and all her living beings. May we honor our Oneness while respecting our individuation. Blessings… [Read More]

C’mon, Inner Peace…

This blog was first published in January, 2014 It was the Christmas countdown…two days to the holiday, but I could tell I needed three in order to be ready. With so much to do, I wanted to be as grounded as possible. I wanted to be sure to meditate that day – a practice I’d… [Read More]

Transcending Habitual Discontent

Psychologist, author, and personal growth coach Gay Hendricks tells of a life-changing revelation in his book, The Big Leap. One day, Dr. Hendricks came back to his office feeling good after an enjoyable lunch and work discussion with a colleague. Pausing for a moment, Hendricks’s realization expanded – not only was work going well, so… [Read More]

Yes, It Was Worth It

During my career as a musician, I was intrigued with eurhythmics, a modality that teaches musical rhythm and expression through movement. Simply put, it helps musicians embody music. I first learned eurhythmics during my undergraduate years and it transformed my classically trained, intellectual approach to music into a more felt-sense, expressive one. Through its sometimes… [Read More]