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Everyday moments that puzzle us or catch our attention hold the potential to show us something about ourselves, to inform and enlighten us.

I have been exploring these moments from my own life through my blog posts (previously called Muses) for over five years. Spiritual lessons have been taught to me through a myriad of sources including: spider webs, cloudy days, my kitchen renovation, and getting lost driving to the airport.

Let’s identify together the little and big things that speak to us in our day-to-day lives. Read my posts, tell me your thoughts, share your experiences with other readers. Let’s create a spirited life, one moment at a time.

Could Your Spirit Use a Tune-Up?

  You take quiet time, reflect on your blessings, ask the Divine for support through your day. But sometimes, you still feel “off.” Why is that? Well, as I am fond of saying, we are in human form, after all. But more than that, we need only acknowledge the intense pace of our culture, the… [Read More]

Undiluted Potential – The Blessing of a New Season

Last week’s Spring Vernal Equinox occurred Wednesday, March 20that 5:58 PM and was followed a few hours later by a Full Moon at 9:34 PM. The auspicious proximity of these events prompted me to draw a Rune (an ancient Nordic divination system) for wisdom and insight for the coming Spring season. The Rune that emerged… [Read More]


Oh, those glorious days of perfect, balanced energy! You know them – they’re the days when it seems like you hit all the lights green as you drive along, the groceries you want to buy are miraculously on sale, your work is meaningful and satisfying, your relationships feel connected by good will and kindness. How… [Read More]

Enter the New Year 2019

This blessing was created from the qualities of the angel cards (italicized) picked by the participants in our Winter Solstice Ritual on December 21, 2018. The qualities represent Spirit’s messages to us as we step into the new year. Happy Solstice and Happy New Year to all. As the Light increases from day to day, may… [Read More]

Autumnal Equinox Blessing

As the days shorten and the light grows softer, may we connect even more deeply with the Light that shines within us. Standing in Harmony with our Selves and with each other, we appreciate the community of Sisterhood and Brotherhood that is made up of the people surrounding us and in other nations around the planet. The Enthusiasm of summer… [Read More]

Summer Solstice Blessing

As we lean into the bright light of Summer, may we Release all that doesn’t serve us and revel in the beauty of what brings us joy and satisfaction. With the Awakening of this new season, we confirm our Willingness to have Patience and Faith as we watch our outer and inner gardens grow. What will we Birth? How will… [Read More]

A Blessing for Spring

As we wait with Patience for the arrival of warmer air and brighter colors, we Surrender to the Harmony of what has been…what is…what will be… The Birth of Spring is imminent! We Release ourselves with Openness to the Wisdom of Nature and the Divine. We find Support through the Sisterhood/Brotherhood who are our community.… [Read More]

Blessing the New Year 2018

As we cross the threshold into a new year, may you feel a sense of Awakening, of Expectancy and wonder. The year 2018 will bring Adventure, and Spirit gives us the promise that we will walk that adventure well-prepared, using the gifts of Vision and Discernment to guide each step. May you Synthesize all the… [Read More]

A Blessing for Autumn

As we fall into Autumn, may we enjoy the Beauty of the season’s change, stand in Truth and Harmony with all we encounter, know Compassion for each other on this Adventure we call life. In facing our challenges, may we Discern with Clarity, stand in Truth, and experience inner Balance. May we enjoy the Spontaneity… [Read More]

Declare Your Personal Independence!

While the traditional Fourth of July holiday is grounded in a celebration of our country’s independence, we can apply the same energy to our personal lives by declaring our own independence from anything that seemingly binds and traps us. What holds you captive? Maybe you feel like the world is against you, or that you’re… [Read More]