About Janet

Janet Kessenich, M.M. is a sound healer, Akashic Records reader, workshop facilitator, author, and radio show host whose skills and insight help and inspire people to live fuller, more vibrant, spirited lives.

Ms. Kessenich left her career of twenty-five years teaching piano and eurhythmics when she felt called in a new direction. She established her business practice, Spiral Energies, in 1998. Her healing work is informed by her certification and training in the Divine Oneness Energy, Reiki, Acutonics, and Pranic methods of healing.

Over the years, Janet’s clientele has included people with a variety of physical, mental, and emotional issues including stress, anxiety, illness, depression, and trauma, as well as spiritual issues such as feeling powerless, disconnected or disengaged. She is particularly interested in addressing the spiritual dimension of the body-mind-spirit paradigm. As a result of working with her, clients have reported feeling healthier, more self-aware, self-accepting and empowered within themselves and in their relationships, work and activities.

In addition to treating clients, Janet gives Akashic Records readings. The Akashic Records hold the archive of your Essence. Readings provide support and guidance.

A life-long teacher, Janet facilitates life and spirituality workshops on topics such as living in your heart, setting intentions, and cultivating spiritual practices. Her “Tune Up Your Spirit” workshops and retreats help participants bring more spirituality into their everyday lives.

She writes essays in her monthly newsletter, Spiral Energies: News and Muse, about spirituality in everyday life. Her radio show, Creating a Spirited Life, hosted by Dreamvisions7Radio.com, brings fresh ideas and perspectives to the creative “work-in-progress” of life.

Interested in bringing energy work to anyone who needs it, Janet created Reiki in the Workplace so that employees could receive short, rejuvenating healing sessions during their work day.

She also trains practitioners in the Reiki and Divine Oneness healing modalities.

Janet has published a book, Music Lessons for the Spirit, about applying the spiritual lessons she learned as a practicing musician. She lives in the Boston area where since 2006, she has served on the Board as Acting Vice-President and Program Coordinator of the Theosophical Society Center for Spiritual Studies in Arlington.

Bringing others into connection more deeply and fully with their Essence, with Spirit, is the goal of Janet’s work. She will meet you on your journey and help you move forward.

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Janet KessenichDeep connection and a sense of Oneness with Spirit have been at the basis of my own healing journey. I came to a point where I longed to stop getting in my own way and began working to heal old patterns of separation, fear, worry and useless effort. Being in an increasingly strong relationship with my Essence and the Divine has compelled me to share this work with others.     — Janet