Treatments In-Person & Distance

 In-Person Treatments

in person healing treatmentsTreatments provide the opportunity to work in depth, one-on-one, focusing on whatever has brought you for healing — physical issues, emotional or spiritual concerns, or simply to improve your well-being and know yourself more fully.

Treatments can last a few minutes or up to an hour and a half.

A treatment can stand alone or be part of a series.

We can work in person at my office, at your home or at your workplace (fees adjusted for travel).

If it’s inconvenient to get together or you live  out-of-town, we can  do a treatment remotely, at-a-distance by phone, Skype, Zoom or email.

Consultation with Mini-Treatment
This is an ideal introductory treatment for the new client or for a client needing a brief appointment. The session is forty-five minutes long and includes a consultation about what is most pressing along with the opportunity to experience a brief treatment.

Full Treatment
The full treatment time allows you to deeply explore the physical, emotional and spiritual issues that have brought you for healing. These treatments draw on any one or all four of the healing modalities of Spiral Energies in combination with the practitioner’s intuitive insight. There is time and space to receive the support and transformation that you seek.

One hour / One hour and fifteen minutes / One hour and thirty minutes

Energetic Make-Over®
This approach is designed for clients who are ready to dedicate themselves to a program of healing, envisioning, and transformational change. A three-month commitment allows consistent and focused work and gives the opportunity for changes and results in all areas of Being: body, mind and spirit. This package includes consultations and treatments (in-person and by phone), work with intentions and affirmations, and periodic email exchanges. Energetic Make-Overs are tailored to your needs and maximize the time you invest in your healing journey.

Distance Treatments

“When I can’t be physically present for a session with Janet, Distance Treatments provide connection, balance, and more. I cannot begin to tell you how much these sessions have helped me. Though not together in person, Janet’s gift of reading what is happening with me is uncanny. She reveals truths to me and brings me back to connection with my Highest Self. I look forward to our weekly sessions because they catalyze and support me immensely.”
— Kerry G. Bennett, MD, MPH, FACS, CPCC

Distance Treatments are a powerful and effective means of receiving healing and insight anytime, anywhere.

Energy work is not limited by space or time. Intuitive guidance and healing energy are equally powerful in person and at a distance.

The process is similar to an in-person treatment but is done by phone or email. We discuss what the issues and concerns are for your session, then work with energy and insight to bring relief and healing.

Phone Treatments
We can work over the phone and be in vocal communication the whole time, as if you were in the treatment room with me.

Treatments Without Phone Contact
There are circumstances when we might not be able to be in direct contact during the treatment. In those situations, you will receive follow-up notes after the session.