Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the spiritual dimension that holds your soul’s archive – the information that transcends all time and space, that is your Essence – who you really are at your highest vibration.

When we come together (in person, by phone or on zoom) for an Akashic Records reading, I am your reader, the conduit through which the information comes. We use the Pathway Prayer (developed by Akashic Records Master Teacher Linda Howe) as a bridge into the energy of Divine Knowledge and Wisdom that is ready to inform, illuminate, and support you.

Akashic Records book

What life issues will the Records help me with?

We ask questions and receive answers from this sacred energy about where you are in your life, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.

  • Are you curious about your life path’s direction?
  • Wondering about the significance of a recent encounter or event?
  • Looking for understanding about a relationship?
  • Curious to know future possibilities and probabilities?
  • Ready for suggestions and advice about specific issues that are troubling you? 

These and questions about other life issues (physical mental and spiritual) can bring you answers, illumination and understanding through the Records.

Do the Records predict the future?

Though the Records are not predictive, they will help point you in the direction of your next right step and keep you on the path that your Essence is creating. The Records offer the context of the broader picture of your life while giving the intimate feeling of your own personalized support network through the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones who communicate with you.

Why have a reading?

The sense of affirmation, inspiration and revelation the Records bring lifts you up and fills you with the Divine love and wisdom of the Universe. Encouraged, strengthened, and guided, you’ll move forward in your life with willingness and confidence.

How long is a Reading and what does it cost?

$60 /thirty-minutes ~ $75/forty-five minutes ~ $100/sixty minutes

What have other people experienced?

“The guidance that came through in my Akashic Records reading with Janet has been a true solace as well as an invaluable touchstone as I navigate a challenging Life event. Janet brings light and clarity to this work with her natural openness, deep compassion, and keen intuition. An Akashic Reading with her is a Must! “
— Laura, Boston, MA

“Our Akashic Records session was so meaningful and helpful. It illuminated a path for me by reaffirming a direction I was going. Many thanks!”
— Barbara, Boston, MA

“Janet’s intuitive ability and her openness to listening closely make her a perfect conduit for sharing insights of the Akashic Records.”
— Kathy, Chicago, IL

“My Akashic Records Reading with Janet was surprisingly helpful and deeply affirming of some major truths in my life, especially in regards to relationships.  Connecting with the wisdom of my ancestral spirits in this way gave me a very special kind of “knowing” – like an undeniable affirmation – on several matters that I had been foggy and stressed about. 

Our Reading was a few months ago, and I made some decisions accordingly. My life has since blossomed and I’ve returned to a more clear, thriving state of mind.  I am so grateful!”
— M Bija, Santa Rosa, CA

“In my recent Akashic Records reading with Janet, I found myself appreciative of both the process and the content of the experience.

Janet began with an explanation of the Akashic Records and the range of information that would be forthcoming. She is a clear and well-paced channeler who gave time for questions and discussion and wove my knowing and curiosity in with hers.

 The content of the reading was a gift of clarity to me about my purpose and skills. I felt the love and care of both the Akashic and Janet as the Guides filled my heart. The reading was a really good ‘shot in the arm.’

Do not hesitate to give yourself the gift of an Akashic reading with Janet.”
— Claire, Newton, MA