Testimonials about Janet

From clients


“Janet is a truly compassionate, gifted healer dedicated to sharing a most rare expertise. She uses a unique approach that accesses blocked energy channels in the body, mind and spirit, enabling the healing life force to flow with abundance. Both the healer and her gift are a gift to us all.”
– Mark Mincolla, Founder of Maximum Health and Healing

“To begin with, Janet’s healing room is a magical place, full of beautiful crystals and sound-making devices from all over the world. She starts the session by checking in and listening deeply.

Once on the table, I experienced her peaceful healing energy, powerful sound healing techniques, and spot on intuitive feedback. She shared her impressions with me and they were right on, validating some things I already suspected about what needed attention in my body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend a session with Janet!”

– Kim Childs, Life and Career Coach

“I loved our recent treatment and feel it really made a difference. I felt better physically – with less fatigue, more energy, and a clearer head.

Beyond these physical shifts, the most significant improvements were in my psyche/spirit. I have noticed a distinct improvement in my psychological outlook as well as in my resolve to heal and be healthy and well.  I feel much lighter psychically and feel that I have less “baggage.“

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful healing session!”

~ Stephen D. ~ Hatfield, MA

“Working with Janet has been a very positive, uplifting experience. I find that even when my heart is heavy, her approach to healing lifts me to a more peaceful place. Her approach is collaborative; she is not doing the healing to you, she is doing it with you. I find the questions she asks effective in creating action on my part, conscious and unconscious, that promotes the healing process.”

“She uses many modalities and musical instruments to aid in the healing. The gentle chimes and singing bowls are so peaceful. The invocation that she starts each session with is soothing and supportive. I always feel better, calmer, more centered and fully supported after a treatment with Janet. She has helped me grow closer to my spiritual essence, my higher self of peace and love. I have more compassion for myself and others in my day to day activities. I still face some of the same obstacles in my life, the significant difference is that now I have a healing attitude and intention while working with these challenges. Janet’s healing is truly remarkable. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a gentle, effective healer with a loving spirit.”
– Lynn

“Janet is an amazing and very gifted healer. Her LuMarian and Sound Healing treatments have helped me enormously in my recovery from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I have been a Reiki healer for 10 years and I have received many healings by a variety of types of energy healers. However, Janet has been able to tap into unconscious thoughts, beliefs and emotions in a way that no other has. She has given extremely accurate intuitive readings which have helped me gain insight into my physical and emotional symptoms and has allowed the release of old blocked emotions that I had not been able to access through many years of psychotherapy as well as hypnosis, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Restructuring) and acupuncture. Janet’s healings have led to a significant decrease in, or permanent removal of, my physical and emotional symptoms, including chronic pain, anxiety and depression. I highly recommend Janet to anyone who is ready to heal.”
– Lindsay

“It was so wonderful to have a treatment that went right to the source, rather than through the veil of understanding. It simply felt great and continued throughout the day and night. Sleep was especially deep and calm, and I woke up this morning with a very strong internal life force.

“I feel so different in a way that is hard to describe — subtle but beautiful. The outer world seems more glorious than ever and the internal one feels grounded and safe. I was so convinced when you spoke your intuitive feelings about what was lingering in me. They were 100% accurate down to the most subtle aspect.”
– David

“After the mini-treatment at the lecture/demonstration last night, I feel calmer and more focused. Today, I feel lighter, and like a burden has been lifted. It’s interesting that [energy work is] so non-verbal, and yet feels so real and like such a solid change.

“Today I find myself consciously taking deep breaths and trying to get back into that more centered feeling. Several times today I noticed that I was starting to move away from that ‘space’ and I was able to notice it, breathe, relax, and get back there. It is a great step on my journey of awareness and learning to notice when I am ‘slipping,’ so that I can take steps to return to a place of centeredness.”
– Kris

“I have had the pleasure of working with Janet and have been grateful for her talent and intuition as a healer. The LuMarian and Acutonics together are a powerful combination. During one of my sessions with Janet, I came in with pain in my sacrum, lower back and along my spine and decreased energy flow through my legs and I was quite moved by the shift I felt. Her guidance with LuMarian helped to clarify the emotions held within these stuck areas of my body, illuminating the ‘issues in the tissues’ and drawing them to the surface. The strategically placed forks then facilitated a deeper non-verbal release of the holding pattern freeing the held energy. Afterwards, I was relieved to feel the energy flowing through-out my body and a significant decrease in pain.”
– AnnaMaria

“The realizations I have had, the awareness of past life influence on this life, have been incredible. Releasing some of these restricting threads of influence has been fantastic.”
– Luci

“When I first returned to work after being on medical leave for chronic fatigue syndrome, it was very comforting to know that I could find so much support from Janet’s sessions. This support came in so many dimensions: spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical; I felt them all! For example, I felt physically stronger after these sessions. Janet was also able to tune into the messages that were important for my healing to take place. It always felt safe and nurturing to hear these messages during our sessions.”
– Isabel

“The very first time I met Janet I was overworked, over whelmed and rushed. I was late to the appointment and not sure what to expect. I was amazed that Janet managed to soothe me upon arrival. She was able to clearly hear what I wished to focus on and intuit the related issues. Her presence was calming, welcoming and serene even in the face of any distress. When she gently placed her hands on me to channel the focus of her energy with mine I felt the healing heat of her hands which came from her focus, not the room temperature! I was soothed and guided by her natural abilities as a healer.

“I have sought Janet’s help since 2000 and have referred friends and colleagues to her whenever there is an opportunity to do so. Whether for individual work or for office development retreats, Janet has tailored her work to help heal and explore in ways that feel right and that challenge without being daunting. Her sensitivity is unparalleled and I would consider anyone who works with her to be very lucky.”
– Sue


From colleagues

“I’m very excited about an amazing practitioner, Janet Kessenich of Spiral Energies. Janet is a very talented healer who uses sound therapy integrated within her energy work – a combination that is one of a kind. If you are sensitive to vibration, a music lover, or just curious about what weighted medical tuning forks do when placed on and around the vital energy points of your body, then you mustn’t miss a chance to work together. My treatments with her feel illuminating every time.”
– Raffi Kaivalya, LMT, Kaivalya Bodywork

“Janet’s range of gifts, skills, and background are an asset to the Church as we continue to live in to different ways of understanding our connection to God and each other. Her book Music Lessons for the Spiritprovides a wonderful tool for church groups who want to engage and explore the power of music. I found my personal sound healing session with Janet to be Spirit-filled and extremely life-giving – complimenting and enhancing my spiritual path and practices.”
— Rev. Sandra Summers, M.Ed., D.D.

“I did a sound healing with Janet a few days before I was to lead an important event. The treatment was very helpful – I felt relaxed, more grounded, present and aligned. It gave me a sense of coming home, of really being my Best Self.”
– Nancy Cantor, CEO Dream Factory Community

“I prefer to experience new forms of treatment so I can judge for myself how to think about them. Only then I am able to use both my trusted scientific protocols and my newer healing worldview to put them in a framework.  As part of that learning journey, I recently received a sound healing session from a colleague, Janet Kessenich of Spiral Energies.  As with many healers, Janet has developed her own blend of healing which has evolved and expanded over the years.  I didn’t quite know what to expect during the session, but went in with an open and curious mind.

We started with a brief discussion of what I was interested in working on during the session.  Janet decided to take an overall balancing approach, which ended up interacting with parts of the acupuncture channel system that I was well acquainted with.  The foundation of the treatment was to focus on aligning the major energy centers of the body and re-balancing them.  One term for them which may be familiar is chakras.  In acupuncture, as well as other disciplines, there are several major energetic centers in the body.  In acupuncture they correspond to specific points on the front midline of the body.  These points, or centers, have deep connections in the body not only to the physical function but to emotions and the psyche.  By bringing them into better harmony, the body as a whole, along with our emotions, can be brought into better balance.

Janet proceeded to check and treat each chakra with her tuning forks. The tuning forks generate a lovely vibration where they are placed on the body and I could feel the resonance of them change as blocked areas started to move more freely. Janet chose to use several different tuning forks at different points during the session, sometimes using two different tones at the same point. A few Tibetan singing bowls closed out our session.

Not having trained at all with vibrational therapy, I’m afraid I can’t tell you exactly how it works.  Janet would be a much better resource for those questions. However, I can tell you how I felt after the treatment.  A deep sense of relaxation & calm settled in during my session with Janet, and remained for several days afterwards.  I slept especially well that night, too. Even several weeks later, the areas of my body that had felt like they became unstuck during the treatment are still feeling good.  The emotions connected to those areas are also still feeling more balanced and more within my conscious control. So while I can’t say why or how this healing modality is working, I can say that my experience was one in which I felt things meaningfully shift in a very positive direction.”
– Tracy Revett of Synergy Acupuncture & Wellness

“I first learned of Janet Kessenich’s healing energy work through a patient who was having breakthrough success. Upon noting this patient’s healing recovery I became interested in meeting with Janet myself. What I found was a truly compassionate, gifted healer dedicated to sharing a most rare expertise. Janet Kessenich uses a unique vibrational system that accesses blocked energy channels in body, mind and spirit, enabling the healing life force to flow with abundance. In this case I would have to say that both the healer and her gift are a gift to us all…”
– Mark Mincolla, Nutritional Therapist, author, inspirational speaker, and founder of Maximum Health and Healing in Cohasset, Massachusetts

“Janet Kessenich is a gifted Sound Healer, Energy Worker and Intuitive in the Boston area. She came to our store highly recommended by a loyal customer and it was immediately apparent how she has earned the high regard and praise of her clients. Janet is extremely professional, with excellent ethics and integrity. She is a delight to work with.

“In the business realm she is conscientious about providing comprehensive marketing materials in a timely fashion, which make it easy to promote her workshops and services at AwenTree. She is knowledgeable, flexible, pleasant, respectful and fun!

“As a healer, Janet is compassionate, authentic and respectfully candid with her clients. She truly has a gift, weaving together the powerful tools of sound healing and energy work. She provides a safe and gentle opportunity for her clients to cleanse and release old, blocked energy patterns and allow healing transformation and renewal. Clients comment on the profound experiences they have with Janet and how her work has facilitated change in their lives.”
– Winifred Tannetta, Proprietress, AwenTree, Magickal Gifts and Healing Arts for Transformation, Easthampton, Massachusetts

“I am always on the lookout for resources to aid my clients in their healing journeys, and when I experienced Janet’s work, I knew I had struck gold! My clients who work with Janet move more quickly through the inner obstacles that keep them from attaining their life’s purpose.”
– Barbara McCollough, LICSW, Director, Center for Integrative Health
West Roxbury, Massachusetts


From workshop participants:

“I am grateful to have taken a few of Janet’s Sound Healing workshops, and have walked away from each one feeling more peaceful and centered.  Janet seamlessly led us through a process of personal discovery and I was pleasantly surprised at the insights I discovered.  She is a gifted and compassionate healer, and her relaxed style, open heart and sense of humor made an easy connection with everyone in the room.
– Donna Kramer Merritt, LMT, RYT, Owner of The Gentle Place Wellness Center

“This workshop set the tone for helping me touch into my Essence and Janet’s sound healing work anchored me there. The memory of the tuning forks on my heart center is still resonating! I left feeling more connected and grounded, more fully my true self.“
– Nanri Tenney

“Janet has a wonderful way of inviting people into an experience of connection, healing, and deepening a sense of true self. Her story gave people a powerful framework to reflect on their own lives. The workshop portion of the presentation helped participants connect to their true essence and explore ways to free themselves from what holds them back.”
— Maria Yunis, Dream Weaver and Lifestyle Coach

“I had the privilege of participating in one of Janet’s workshops.  Through her personal story she drew me into an understanding of how my essence can be caged in by my past stories.  Through her healing sound I was able to get in touch with a part of myself that I had previously ignored.

Janet has a calming and courageous style filled with wisdom and understanding. She helped me to make a decision in one area of my life that changed how I do my work. I can recommend her fully to anyone wanting to connect or reconnect with their true selves, with their essence.”
– Leslie Ackles