Spiral Energy Services

As you create your spirited life,  I’ll help and guide you with healing treatments, readings, support, workshops and trainings for your education and inspiration.

in person healing treatments

Healing Treatments

In Healing Treatments you’ll experience a return to well-being and wholeness as your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns improve and resolve.

energetic foundations

Workshops and Retreats

Through Workshops and Retreats, you’ll be informed and empowered in your spiritual and self-growth process.

Akashic Records book

Akashic Records Readings

Consult this spiritual dimension that holds your soul’s archive.

reiki training

Healing Modality Trainings

Be trained and certified in energy work to support your own healing process and share healing energy with others.

Holding the sun in your hand

Intuitive Readings & Support

Using Angel Cards, Animal Spirit Cards, Runes, and other divination tools, we’ll consult with Spirit about your questions and concerns in Intuitive Readings and Support sessions.

rituals and ceremonies

Rituals and Ceremonies

Participate in rituals honoring the changing seasons plus create customized Rituals and Ceremonies to honor passages and events in your life.

transformative conversations

Services, In-Person, by Phone or Zoom

Transformative Conversations will help you shift your mood, perspective and energy. Healing and support even when you can’t be in person.

Treatment for relationships

Treatments for Relationships

Sometimes, relationships need help and healing. Clearing the Air: Energetic Healing for the Dynamics in Relationships provides an energetic approach to shifting the energy in a difficult relationship.

Gift boxes and certificates

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of well-being to a friend or family member – or ask them to give one to you!