Rituals and Ceremonies

rituals and ceremonies
Rituals and ceremonies provide a means to honor and acknowledge events in our lives. Through a ritual or ceremony, an event is brought to a fuller and richer place of consciousness. Rituals provide a structure and format that shine the light of awareness and appreciation on the moment, giving it more substance and meaning than it might otherwise have in our busy lives

Rituals are held for many purposes. Periodically, I lead seasonal rituals that honor the Solstices and Equinoxes – those natural transitional points of change from Winter to Spring (March 21), Spring to Summer (June 21), Summer to Fall (September 21), and Fall to Winter (December 21).

In these rituals, we consciously release the passing season and step deliberately into the new one, setting our intentions to be present to the moment, to live fully and richly in harmony with Nature and the Divine. Look on my Events page for dates and times of the rituals.

Rituals are also used to symbolize a rite of passage or a transition. They might be honoring a universal theme – such as the changing of the seasons (Solstices and Equinoxes), the beginning of the New Year, or a special holiday. They might be personal – a significant birthday, the beginning or ending of a relationship, the start of a new job, a move into a new home, a transformational change of attitude or belief.

Ceremonies can be customized and adapted to whatever kind of gathering you desire. A group might come together to honor a common event, or an individual might stand alone to make a personal declaration through a private ritual for herself. Or, she might ask a group to witness that declaration. Many configurations are possible.

Each ritual or ceremony can be created with your input or designed as a surprise. It can be as simple or ornate as is fitting. We will draw on secular and spiritual traditions, use meaningful quotations and language suiting the occasion.

 Individually priced, based on factors such as kind of ritual, location, & size of the event.