Healing Treatments – Process & Methods

Healing treatments address your needs and issues on all levels – body, mind, and spirit. Each session is tailored to your specific energy field and the intentions you hold to heal, transform, and grow. Personalized treatments maximize the opportunity to transform and shift patterns and energies that are getting in the way of being in your Essence and fully manifesting your Highest Self’s design for you.

A combination of healing methods (see below) is woven into each treatment. Intuitive guidance brings insight into the causes and sources of the issues, beliefs, and patterns that keep you out of alignment.

Clients report feeling more like themselves, more at ease in their life, work, and relationships, and more connected with their Essence.

The Process

The energy healing process can bring clarity, support, guidance, insight, direction, relief and inspiration.

Energy treatments are focused around various aspects of your life:

  • Illnesses (over-all well-being, immune system boosting, healing of ailments, chronic conditions)
  • Emotional concerns (chronic depression, anxiety, stress, negative thinking)
  • Spiritual issues (sense of disconnection, vacancy, lack of meaning in daily life)
  • Life issues (change of career or job, relationship issues, bereavement and loss, family dynamics)

Some of the effects you might experience after a treatment:

  • An overall feeling of groundedness and well-being
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Greater clarity about your purpose and direction
  • Illnesses clear earlier than usual or don’t fully develop
  • Heightened clarity and less confusion as you conduct your daily life
  • Increased energy
  • Feeling less tired or depressed
  • Able to get things done with less effort
  • A change in the dynamics of your relationships
  • A stronger connection with your Self and the Universe

stone steps to waterfall

“Janet’s healings have led to a significant decrease in, or permanent removal of my physical and emotional symptoms, including chronic pain, anxiety and depression.”
– Lindsay

Healing Methods

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of well-being to a friend or family member (or ask them to give one to you!).
Purchase a private treatment of any length or make a gift of the tuition for a training or workshop.

Four modalities – Sound and Vibration, Divine Oneness Chakra Clearing Energy, Reiki, and Pranic – are available in treatments to restore your body, mind, and spirit back to wholeness and well-being.

Whatever is creating dis-ease, including anxiety, stress, illness, trauma, or old belief and thought patterns that no longer serve you, all can be addressed through transformative healing treatments. Release, clear, and heal, then return back into your life at a higher vibrational level. Know yourself more fully while you connect deeply with your Essence through this process.

Sound and Vibration
This method uses tuning forks (Acutonics system), drums, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes and other musical instruments to bring vibration to the healing process. Tuning forks are placed on and around the body, on chakras and meridians, on a sore shoulder or achy knee. The vibrations are tuned to release and restore energies and connect the client with the vibrations of the Universe. This treatment is powerful and enjoyable, and creates a “sound massage.” The vibration speeds up the healing process by taking the client into a deep, meditative state that promotes healing and well-being.

Divine Oneness Chakra Clearing Energy 
This is a powerful chakra clearing energy. Intuitive guidance helps identify and validate for the client what the blocked energies, issues, old beliefs and life patterns are that are getting in the way of being in deep connection with Self, Essence or Spirit. Divine Oneness energy work is an empowering process that actively involves the client in setting intentions and reshaping thoughts and their energy field.

Reiki balances, harmonizes and heals on all levels of being: body, mind, and spirit. Light hand placements on and around the body promote deep relaxation and support the body and spirit’s natural movement towards wellness. Reiki is a gentle, yet powerful and effective healing modality.

Pranic energy targets health and well-being issues with specific protocols and methods for clearing and restoring. Using the light and color vibrations of the Universe, the energy is passed through the practitioner’s hands to cleanse congested energy in the body and spirit. The energy field is then re-charged and restored.