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Everyday moments that puzzle us or catch our attention hold the potential to show us something about ourselves, to inform and enlighten us.

I have been exploring these moments from my own life through my blog posts (previously called Muses) for over five years. Spiritual lessons have been taught to me through a myriad of sources including: spider webs, cloudy days, my kitchen renovation, and getting lost driving to the airport.

Let’s identify together the little and big things that speak to us in our day-to-day lives. Read my posts, tell me your thoughts, share your experiences with other readers. Let’s create a spirited life, one moment at a time.

A Blessing for Autumn

The angel card qualities in italics were received by our Ritual participants and have been woven into this blessing. At the start of the new season, we stand in celebration and openness – full of willingness to enter Fall with conscious purpose. Within that purpose reside our intentions to be in our Essence integrity, to respect the Divine authority that educates us and to seek and cultivate harmony and peace. A new… [Read More]

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mustard-colored petals radiate out from the dark, fuzzy center of the Black-Eyed Susans.  Crowning the tall green, leafy stem is the cluster of white phlox. Low to the ground, the silver-green scalloped leaves hold the promise of the purple and buttery-yellow Columbine that will come forth next Spring.  This is my garden, my very new… [Read More]

Oh, blessed Summer…a Blessing for the New Season

Oh, blessed summer… As the growing daylight of Spring called us into expansiveness, we now revel in the illumination and inspiration that Summer’s light provides. We surrender any resistance that separates us from the authenticity that is our most Divine Self. Instead, we stand in obedience – in alignment, if you will – to the grace and power that Essence brings.  Oh, blessed summer… We risk so much when… [Read More]

Welcome, Spring! A Blessing for the New Season

The cold snaps abate, the daylight lengthens, rain and sun pull forth from the earth the greens and yellows of early Spring.  We honor the expansiveness brought by the warmer air, the brighter days.  We honor our openness to receive the healing the Divine offers. We honor the beauty of our Essence’s simplicity.   Oh, Spirit, we invite purification of all that blocks us, causing… [Read More]

Winter Solstice Blessing 2021

[This blessing was created from the Angel Card qualities (italicized) that were selected for each participant in the recent Winter Solstice Ritual.] It has begun! Light’s journey expanding into longer daylight is underway!  Our own expansiveness is expressing itself as well – bringing to our intentions the vision and wisdom of Spirit that illuminates our Highest purpose.  Ah, the discernment needed as we step into the adventure of… [Read More]

Derailment Reversed

The water spread rapidly across my laptop keyboard as I watched in horror. Acting quickly, my husband and I grabbed some cloth napkins and began blotting. He turned the computer over to drain it. We jumped on the internet to find out what to do next and propped the laptop upside down for the next… [Read More]

Autumnal Equinox Blessing 2021

Against the deep cerulean blue sky, Autumn’s tree colors glow…Brisk winds blow the fallen leaves across the grass…Apples and pumpkins abundantly adorn our tables… Autumn is here! We welcome Autumn! With a leap of faith, we move forward into this new season. We step into our commitment to honor the lessons of fall’s early seasonal balance of light… [Read More]

Tune up your spirit! Harmonize your life!

This is the tagline at the end of my business emails. It’s also the theme of a workshop I’m leading at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center. It’s an equation I believe – when your spirit is in tune, your life is harmonious – at least, your experience of being in your life is harmonious.  Spirit, I… [Read More]

Summer Solstice Blessing

Nature’s Transformation from spring into summer is complete!

The sun is high in the sky, the light reaches wide from early morning to late evening.
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That Sweet Spot

Don’t you love experiencing the “Goldilocks” sweet spot – that exactly right level of not too much, not too little, but just right? Be it the weather temperature, your sleep amount, your food intake, your action/repose pace…The point that feels satisfying, enough but not overtaxing, just right is truly a sweet spot. One of my… [Read More]