Radio Show: Creating a Spirited Life

radio antennaOn Creating A Spirited Life, host Janet Kessenich explores the experiences and encounters of our everyday lives that help, inspire, and enlighten us. Spirited lives are full of purpose, meaning, and connection. Through conversations with guests and listeners, Creating A Spirited Life offers ideas, perspectives, and, at times, humor, to guide you toward the life you’re meant to live.

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Discernment: Wisdom or Wishful Thinking?

Throughout our lives, we ask for guidance, direction, and inspiration to help us along our way. And, something comes along – an impression, a feeling, a thought. But it’s not always clear…is what we’re hearing wisdom or wishful thinking? We need an inner compass as we navigate through our lives, a guidance system that helps… [Read More]

Through the Gateway: Music Lessons for the Spirit

With Anne Starr & Pam Kristan Is there a spiritual lesson in rests, those seemingly insignificant moments we hardly notice in a musical performance? How does musical improvisation help us develop a spiritual life? Can memorizing a song make for a more touching, spirit-filled performance? Spiritual lessons are offered to us all the time and… [Read More]

Purpose and Passion: The Fire in Our Lives

What is my life purpose? Am I doing what should I be doing? Is my life purpose different from my career? Am I passionate about my life purpose? These burning questions come up periodically throughout our lifetime. As spiritual beings, we recognize that expressing our life purpose is an important component of our spiritual path. We yearn… [Read More]

The Turning of the Year: Reflections and Blessings

One year closes; the next begins. The completion of a cycle invites reflection and review. As this year turns, we’ll contemplate the past, present, and future by revisiting two spiritual practices from past shows. Did you identify a one-word resolution last year as 2015 began? How has it held up for you? Tell us what… [Read More]

Silence: The Golden Connection

It’s been said, “Silence is golden.” But in our culture, silence isn’t a valued commodity – it’s something we often disregard and have practically eliminated from our lives! Yet, underneath the constant noise and habitual level of activity most of us live with, there’s something about silence that we crave. We sense the rich gifts… [Read More]

Inner and Outer Transformation – It Goes Both Ways

Transformations are happening all the time – from the micro to the macro level, from our personal lives to the planetary. There is a large arc of change in a transformational process – from the initiating point to the manifestation – and how we move through this process varies. But any transformation – be it… [Read More]

The Fool, the Magician, the Sun and the World: Tapping the Wisdom of the Tarot

From The Fool to The World, the Major Arcana’s twenty-two cards of the Tarot deck mirror aspects of our personality and life journey. Each card is an archetype with a multitude of meanings and interpretations. Add in the Minor Arcana – four more suits of cards – and the seventy-eight-card Tarot deck is a rich… [Read More]

Honoring and Manifesting Your Magnificent Essence

Reggie Odom calls it our greatness; I call it our magnificence. Whatever it’s called, “it” is ESSENCE – our Highest Self, Love, the Divine Within. Reggie and I set aside the vocabulary issue and agree that we are each fully worthy, great, and magnificent in our Essence and that Spirit calls us to embody our… [Read More]

Water: Tending Our Sacred Element

Flow, purification, cleansing, creation. Water is a sacred element steeped in spiritual symbolism. It is also essential to our physical lives – making up approximately 55–75% of our bodies and covering nearly 71% of the Earth’s surface. Yet, we are not tending this sacred, vital element with good practices or conscious stewardship. The quality and… [Read More]

Spiritual Awakening: Where Are You on the Path Towards Inner Peace?

Frequent attacks of smiling…Feelings of being connected with others and nature…A loss of ability to worry…Are any of these familiar to you? These are some of the Signs & Symptoms of Inner Peace, a list of twelve qualities identified by Saskia Davis ( Most of us have begun the process already, but spiritual awakening is… [Read More]