Oh, Blessed New Year!

Sunset sky over snowy field

This blessing is based on the Angel card qualities (italicized) chosen by the participants in the Winter Solstice Ritual and Sound Healing. Please join us for the next seasonal ritual on March 20th. 

Oh, blessed new year!

The dawning of a new year, a new season, is an Awakening, a regeneration. As we stand in Celebration, let us Delightin the opportunities for examination, Expansion, and extraordinary spiritual evolution that the new year brings. 

Oh, blessed new year! 

May we Surrender our need for hurry and Efficiency and know, instead, the practices of Relaxation and effortlessness within the moment. May we Respect the needs and desires of our bodies, minds, and spirits. May we acknowledge the Truth of our Essence’s Balancein these sacred domains. 

Oh, blessed new year! 

It is our Responsibility to follow the meaning of Obedience – to hear, to listen, to give attention to – and to obey and align with the Divine within us. This is the foundation of our connection with Spirit, our communication with the Divine. Learning to listen is our means to Education and growth. 

And so, we will listen, Synthesize the messages, Heal, be Honest with ourselves, and stand in the Light

May we experience the Simplicity and Clarity that come through Grace as we dance with Joy in 2023. Someone once wrote, “Desperate times require furious dancing!” 

And so, we will dance!  Dance together, by ourselves, with Spirit. We will dance – furiously – in the beauty of love. 

Oh, blessed new year! 

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