A Blessing for Summer

Holding the sun in your hand

Ah! Nature’s transformation – from Winter’s nine hours of daylight to Summer’s fifteen!

We revel in the light; we honor the balance of night’s dark and coolness. 

Summer’s moment of Solstice has come and gone but Summer herself is here with many gifts. 

We appreciate nature’s rain and its hydration of our plants, its purification of our souls. We appreciate the warmth of the growing season as earth produces food and flowers. We thank the wind element for its cooling breezes. 

We are drawn into the expansiveness of Summer to play, to explore, to spontaneously seek what brings joy

The zenith of summer’s sun helps us see with clarity all that is here for us: the wisdom of the Divine, the love from Spirit, our connection with Essence. 

May we share this rich bounty with each other, with our planet, with All That Is. It is our expectation that as we give, we also receive. May we stay in this Divine flow of energy as we cherish this season’s light and beauty. 

Blessed Summer! 

This blessing was created from the angel card qualities (italicized) drawn by the participants in the Summer Solstice Ritual & Sound Healing. June, 2023 

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