Winter Solstice Blessing

We stand with expectancy, calling in grace as we cross the threshold into winter’s season of quiet and introspection. Though winter turns us inwards, we do not contract our energy; we use our sense of adventure and exploration to dive into the inner expansiveness, the depth and richness of our spirit.

We discover our inner strength, our compassion for others and ourselves. We hold our ability to respond with love and kindness as the true responsibility in our lives.

With the clarity of our soul’s vision, we surrender the negative energies and fears that keep us from releasing what doesn’t serve. Instead, we patiently stand in the simplicity of our Highest Self’s Essence, learning, growing and evolving to become our Best Self.

Winter’s miracles are met with gratitude: snow frosting the tree branches, ponds covered with ice thick enough to hold us as we glide across their surface, moon shadows on white fields.

Glory be! Winter is here and we are here with It.


  1. Jo Ann Laliberte says

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing Janet. May the winter season of 2020 be filled with quiet grace and gratitude for all the potential of what is to come…Happy 2020!

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