Wait. Don’t Wait.

A while back, I had a strong feeling that the spirit of my mother (who died nearly twenty years ago) wanted to give me a message. Sitting quietly, I connected with her. I barely got my question asked, “Mom, is there something you want to tell me?” before I heard: “Don’t wait to enjoy your life!”

This was a meaningful message given my mother’s personality and life. Though Mom had many things she enjoyed, there was also in her a sense of holding back, fearful caution, of experiencing life a little less fully than she wanted to. I heard her spirit message to me as an entreaty to not do as she had done by holding back, waiting. Instead, she was encouraging me to enjoy life in each moment.

I took this message to heart and I thank my mother for bringing it to me. “Enjoy your life” is spiritual code to me for “be conscious.” Notice, appreciate, honor, celebrate – and enjoy – where I am, who I’m with, what I’m doing (and not doing – being still is not my best thing!).

“Don’t wait.” It’s a powerful message.

But in some situations, it’s counterpart, “Wait,” is equally important. Beyond stepping into the enjoyment quality my mother was speaking of, there are most certainly times when waiting is the highest, most Essence-inspired action.

The pandemic has caused us to wait. Our lives were essentially put on “pause” in the spring, filled with waiting. In many ways, we are still waiting.

While some of my personal and professional life have been “on hold” for the last five months, serious world issues have not been waiting for anybody or anything. The COVID-19 virus continues to infect people and cause deaths. The racial injustice some of our citizens experience deepens and destroys. The climate and ecosystem of our planet deteriorates. The political divide in our nation intensifies.

There are issues that can’t bear us waiting, that demand we take action.

When I question what I can do (instead of waiting) to help move these issues forward toward positive change, I have to fight my feelings of being overwhelmed. What can I do that would help the cause? How can I affect the vibration on the planet? Sometimes these questions lead me into powerlessness rather than empowerment. At those times, instead of staying stuck, I try to think of what I can do to help – no matter how small or seemingly invisible those actions might be.

I am creating some guidelines to navigate these times, to help me discern when to wait, when not to wait. Here are a few of the principles I’m working with that might guide you as well:

  • Don’t wait  to be kind, to be helpful, to feel compassion and understanding.
  • Don’t wait  to look at hard situations with a fresh perspective, new information, thoughtful questions.
  • Do wait  before judging.
  • Wait  before dismissing, before jumping to conclusions and assumptions that may not be true.
  • Wait  before giving up – new inspiration might come along.
  • Don’t wait  too long to take a stand. Remain open and flexible, but stand tall and be counted.
  • Don’t wait  to ask Spirit for Help, Guidance, and Love in any and all situations no matter how personal or global they feel. Spirit is with us for it all – the challenges that come up in our personal lives and in the global issues, too.

That’s a start… Could you add some guiding principles to the Wait, Don’t Wait list? Please share them in the comments section below. We can inform and inspire each other through this profoundly important time.

But/and, do as my mother’s spirit suggested. Don’t wait to enjoy the moments, interactions, and connections that bring meaning, purpose, and satisfaction to your life. Being conscious of these times will balance the heavy energy of the state of the world and help you stay grounded and in alignment. From there, you’ll be at your best and most effective.

Wait, don’t wait. What does this moment ask of you?








  1. Sent to me by my son, when I was feeling overwhelmed by the sad state of the United States.

    you can’t save the
    world, but you can
    save yourself and
    the light that you
    bring. because that
    is what the world needs. more light.

  2. Isabel Leonard says

    I can’t think of one to add, but this is a wonderful article!

    On a personal note, here in Cal., on August 23 I experienced for the first time a Red Flag alert, which fortunately did not result in an actual evacuation. Then came the smoke from the fires, which comes and goes depending on the wind direction. This, or something like it, may last until the first rain some time in November. I wake up every morning with a sense of peace in my heart and gratitude for the fire that didn’t happen. As I swim into consciousness the brain tends to take over, as I work through my to-do list which always seems to add a task at the top every time I cross one off the bottom. But I sometimes remember to take a couple of cleansing breaths (Janet, you taught me that one!) and I’m getting better at it in both frequency and quality. You are a star in my universe.

    You’re welcome to publish this comment.

    With love,

    • Spiral Energies says

      I appreciate hearing from you, Isabel. May the fires subside for CA and may you and your home stay safe. I’m glad that cleansing breaths continue to help you! You are a star and light in my life, too!

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