Taking a Leap!

+ Leaping man FB Feb 1612150313_sOur daughter, Laura, was about eighteen months old – steady on her legs, a good walker – the day my husband and I took her to the shoe store to buy some new sneakers. Leaving behind her old, scuffed shoes, she seemed delighted with her new colorful, roomier pair and had a spring in her step as she wore them out of the store.

Walking towards the car, Lawrence and I each held one of her hands. She swung her arms while dancing and prancing down the sidewalk. Perhaps recalling a favorite game where we would lift her up off the ground as we walked along, Laura seemed to want to try it on her own. Letting go of our hands and crouching down, she exuberantly yelled, “JUMP!” Totally capturing the shape and energy of a jump, she stood straight up with her arms stretched above her head.

Her feet, however, stayed firmly on the ground.

We immediately caught on to her desire to jump and took her hands back in ours. When she crouched down again, we lifted her up as she pushed her weight into her feet and we all yelled JUMP! With our help, Laura leapt into the air – momentarily soaring and then landing gently back on earth.

Though everything in Laura had been in place for her solo jump – her desire, her intention, her willingness – her actual physical coordination hadn’t yet caught up to her desire to manifest a leap into the air. But with help, she was able to get where she wanted to be – joyfully defying gravity.

I learned something that day about the intention-setting process. Despite where we think we might be in the process, there’s sometimes a vital component that isn’t quite up to speed with the other aspects that we are so convinced are in place. While we might feel our desire very clearly, be able to articulate our intention, feel a strong willingness – we really mean this! – sometimes things don’t work out to manifest our desire at that exact moment.

Laura didn’t seem to realize she didn’t know exactly how to jump. She did know how to do as much as she could do. And, that much she did. She crouched, she stretched up, and she brought her enthusiasm into her intention to “Jump!”

When she’d done all she could do, she then let others supply the help that made the rest happen. We lifted her off the ground and she was in the air. She continued to let us help her for several more months, until all was in place developmentally for her to begin doing it for herself. Smart girl!

Eighteen-month-old Laura didn’t let any of the stumbling blocks that might stop an adult from manifesting a desire get in her way. She didn’t think jumping was impossible, she didn’t ask herself if she deserved to jump, she didn’t wait to have someone’s permission or stamp of approval to jump. She also didn’t resist help from others.

When we want to take a leap – jump beyond our perceived abilities, and take a risk – we can take a page from Laura. Want to transcend fear, discouragement, low self-confidence? Take a leap – of courage, hope, faith, belief in yourself.

By articulating your intention, feeling the desire behind it, accepting the help and support of family, friends, colleagues, and (don’t forget!) the Divine – you can leap or jump – or run or skip or dance!

As you try it out, you might not have a perfectly coordinated manifestation at first, but by setting the energetic intention and moving forward, you’ll be jumping ahead of the game. Take a leap!

And, if you think some new sneakers might help you get going, buy some right now!


  1. What a wise little girl that 18-month-old was…and wiser still her mother who drew the lesson from her! Thank you for sharing it with us. These are profound words about what we need to take a risk, and the importance of doing so.

    • Spiral Energies says

      She was wise – and still is even in her grown-up self! Thank you for teaching me this lesson, dear Laura!

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