Spring Equinox Blessing 2020

DaffodilsDear friends, my thanks to the 30 people who joined me last week for our virtual Equinox Ritual. What follows is the blessing I’ve created using the Angel Card qualities we drew during that Ritual: Presence, Respect, Release, Peace, Light, Tenderness, Vision, and Wisdom.

Additionally, I have incorporated several more qualities to enrich this blessing. Please share it with others, please consider each quality and create your own blessing. We need all the blessed energy we can generate…

Oh, Spirit, at this time, we are called more than ever into connection with your Loving Presence.

We look to our Natural world during this Equinox to inspire Balance, illustrated for us in the nearly equal length of night and day. May we honor the Light and the dark. May we balance the seriousness of our world with gentle Humor and Grace.

We Release fear and anxiety, returning to neutral Acceptance of those circumstances that are out of our control. May we hold with Right Responsibility all we can influence and take Right Action in those arenas.

We Respect and honor our concerns and help each other as best we can. By holding ourselves and others with Tenderness, we cultivate inner Peace and centeredness.

May we hold with Gratitude the gifts of a crisis – increased connection and Communication, an outward expansion of our sphere of caring.

May our Vision of the moment and the future be seen through the Wisdom of the Divine.

Blessings to us all. May we stay grounded in the Beauty of Spring, in Love, generosity and Compassion.


  1. Raffi Kaivalya says

    My goodness this was a joy to read.
    We are beholding to those intentions best we can on the island of Kaivalya.
    Thank you for doing all you do and for being a beautiful beacon for us during this devine/destabilizing time.

    Love, light/dark, and laughter,
    R & H and Kalina, Espie and Helen

    • Spiral Energies says

      Thank you for your response. Blessings to us all especially at these challenging times. May we know our Oneness.

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