It’s Never Too Late…for Some Things

+ Older Couple holding hands FB July 15 31497137_sWhat am I learning? What am I experiencing that is helping me grow spiritually?

These are the questions I ask myself on a regular basis. They’re the starting points for my creative process when I write my monthly blogs and weekly Wednesday’s Wisdom posts, as I work out radio show content and develop workshops.

Last week, when it was time to write my Wisdom post, I wasn’t particularly in touch with my life lessons or my creativity. I’d just gotten back from a week’s travel to North Carolina for a family reunion and my life was in a swirl. As I plugged back into regular life, there was unpacking to do, groceries and laundry to be handled, some minor family difficulties to process. It was nearly 6 pm before I had a moment to even think about what I might say in a Wisdom post that day.

Not sure what my content would be, and considering the lateness of the day, I looked at the clock and thought, “The day is nearly over. Is it too late to put up a Wednesday’s Wisdom post?”

And, suddenly, the content presented itself in my own question. I heard, “It’s never too late!” and I flashed on the family reunion I’d just attended, where my Uncle Frank, though he hadn’t used those exact words, had shown me that “it’s never too late.”

While the cousins and uncles were gathered on the front porch, a gentle smile and pleased expression lit up his face as 89-year-old Uncle Frank announced that he was getting married! He and 87-year-old Marge have known each other since college and have been friends all along. Since the passing of their spouses, they’ve become closer and have decided to be companions for the rest of their days.

Frank and Marge have decided that “it’s never too late” for happiness, a meaningful connection with someone else, for companionship. They’ve also decided to move right ahead with their plans – they’re getting married as soon as they can. Time is precious at that age – well, it’s precious at any age, isn’t it? – so they’ll be married very soon. I am over-the-moon pleased for my dear uncle and his new bride, and fully appreciate the “go for it” philosophy they’re living.

 It’s never too late. While the physical manifestation of what we want might take a little time to happen, we can create the qualities we want in our lives in the blink of an eye. Do you want a life companion but don’t see anyone on the horizon? Cultivate companionship and connection with a new friend. You’ll have the qualities you desire while you continue looking for a partner.

This capacity to create energy can work in both directions, however. As well as positive, love-based qualities like happiness, connection, contentment, pleasure, and satisfaction, we can all too easily create qualities that aren’t based in love, qualities like fear, worry, discontent, dissatisfaction, negativity. When it comes to qualities like these, no matter what our age, it’s definitely “too late” to live with unhelpful, unhealthy thoughts and energy.

In this territory, we cross over into another truism, “Life is too short.” Life is too short to waste by being steeped in anything that is life depleting!

Highly charged and light-filled, our consciousness is created moment-by-moment, thought-by-thought. I truly believe that, aligned with Source and Our Highest Self, we can create the state of being we desire in any moment.

It’s never too late for what is life enhancing. Life’s too short for anything else.

You can ask my Uncle Frank…

+ Uncle Frank and Janet


  1. kathleen says

    wow, this is quite a lesson to relearn and relive, isn’t it. I have been listening to a couple of friends tell a story similar. one woman, age 50 started again to consider school after many years of work that was not satisfying. she continued on her path and received her degrees to become a psychotherapist
    and healer. never to late!

    another story similar to yours, a reunion of an old friend from high school brought them together and at the age of 70, they got married. yea, its never to late! they are looking younger than I have ever seen them.

    love the way that life is sending messages if we are opened to them. it does take courage to make change and it takes a willingness to step out of
    our comfort levels.

    thanks for your post.

    • Spiral Energies says

      Thanks for sharing these additional stories of people who have proven “It’s never too late!” They are inspirational and touching.

  2. This was lovely and Inspirational as always. (And I love that picture of you and Frank!) It’s so important to remember that it’s never too late to try for something good. Sometimes I feel frustrated at myself when I haven’t been living as mindfully as I’d like for awhile. When that happens, I try to shake myself out of it by remembering that I have the time to do it again – and that time is right now!

    • Spiral Energies says

      I so appreciate your comment, Laura and really like your recognition that “the time is now” as you start again to cultivate something you want in your life. Bravo.

  3. That is a dyn-o-mite picture, Janet. What a true joy this post is. Yeayy, Janet!

  4. Truth always is great to read. Well done Janet!!! And it’s awesome you are creating a community.

    • Spiral Energies says

      Truth certainly resonates, doesn’t it? Thanks for the supportive response, Kerry. You’re an important part of the community!

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