How Are You Doing?

Today’s world is challenging and inspiring us – all at the same time.

My emotions and energy have run the gamut from fear to courage, shakiness to steadiness, vagueness to engagement.

How are you doing?

Ask yourself that question now. Where is your energy? Where are your emotions? Where do you feel them in your body? Listen in to yourself. Notice, connect, transform when necessary.

Time is really slippery these days. I’m reminded of my experience with time when I was a new mother – a day could feel like an eternity, then suddenly our baby was a five-year-old, going off to kindergarten. Where had the time gone?

Time’s measurements in hours, days, weeks, months, seasons create structure for us. Staying connected to where we are in time helps us ground our energy.

Walk outside consciously. Feel your feet on the ground; look up at the sky and clouds. Inhale Spring’s earth waking up. Listen for the cardinal singing to his mate.

How are you doing?

Today, we are over six weeks into our current way of life. Some of the initial pioneer spirit (“I can do this!”) may have worn thin. The question keeps rising up – How long will this go on? We both want to know and don’t want to know.

Living in a state of un-knowingness challenges many of us. But what an important spiritual practice this time invites. This is truly a one-moment-at-a-time existence. Learning to live gracefully in this state of the unknown offers many gifts – presence, centeredness, being-ness. We don’t have a choice about the state of our circumstances, we do have a choice about our response to it.

How are you doing?

One thing I keep coming back to is my deep gratitude that my circle of family and friends are healthy and mostly doing well. That well-being is our bottom line, isn’t it? The fullness of my heart’s love and gratitude opens to those who are experiencing health and life challenges, losses. They are in my consciousness, my prayers.

How are you doing? Use this question as a check-in. Periodically ask others – those close to you, those who are more peripherally in your circle. Connecting with family, friends, neighbors, strangers you pass at an appropriate distance – this connection is the energy that keeps us sane. We’re all going through this; a profound commonality has been created.

Being in connection with others, with ourselves, with Spirit, inspires us to stay in our hearts, in love, in Grace through this time. Balance each news story and report you hear with one that tells how people are helping each other. Balance your sense of disconnection and numbness by reaching out. Laugh after you cry.

As important as it is to ask others, it’s just as crucial to ask yourself, How am I doing? Asking the question brings us into consciousness. When we are conscious, we remember Who We Are, we remember to connect with the Divine within ourselves. We are more at peace in the moment, more at peace with un-knowing.

Ask the question.


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