Hearts and Love

‘Tis the season…hearts, hearts, and more hearts.

Valentine’s Day is upon us. I walk in CVS and am greeted with representations of hearts – perfect hearts – symmetrical, red, shiny hearts that decorate the store, the packages of candy, and the racks of valentine’s cards.

I generally hold Valentine’s Day pretty lightly. But, beyond my feeling of “any excuse to enjoy chocolate,” I also appreciate that the Valentine’s Day heart symbolizes love and reminds us of the potential and power to give and receive this most basic of life energies.

The energetic heart, the heart chakra, is not nearly so perfect in its human form as the sparkling representations of hearts seen on valentines. Energetically, the heart can be a messy chamber. Along with the emotions of love, joy, and happiness that we associate with the heart, the heart also registers pain, discouragement, despair, and a whole host of challenging feelings.

As an intuitive energy healer, I see in my clients’ energy fields the emotional wounding, the scars from past traumas, the pain that is held in the heart chakra. Sometimes, the heart seems overwhelmingly consumed by difficulty and negativity, though more often there’s a mix of emotions present.

Fortunately, like the physical heart which can heal from traumas, the energetic heart is also regenerative and capable of healing.

One of the healing emotions most often associated with the heart is hope. Hope is what we look for when things are at their most bleak. The heart can begin to heal when the proverbial “glimmer of hope” can be found. Hope shifts the energy. It’s the lit candle in the darkened room, the sensation of willingness to go on, the belief that things will not stay permanently as hard as they are.

Hope reminds us that love is accessible, possible to reach.

Love, the great healer, the ultimate connector, is a heart-centered energy. The heart chakra, the resting place of love, is the fourth of the seven chakras and sits in the middle of our energy field. With three chakras below it and three above, it’s the meeting point that intersects the lower with the upper chakras.

How significant that the heart bridges our human self (represented in the lower chakras) with our spiritual self (the upper chakras). How powerful that love makes the connection; love is the connection. Love integrates our being and is available for us to experience for ourselves and express to others.

When the heart needs healing, call in love. Call in hope. Draw a figure “8” over yourself, connecting the circles at your heart chakra. Visualize beautiful light pouring into your field, healing you with its vibration.

In its Essence, the energetic heart is perfect. We are invited to reconnect with that Essence heart. From this healed place, we step back into our lives, radiating love to ourselves and all we meet.


Janet Kessenich and Jenna Carson are co-leading a workshop Healing the Heart Through Meditation, Movement, and Sound on February 29th. See Events for full information. 


  1. So beautifully written and inspiring, Janet! This comes at the perfect time. Thank you and blessings to you.

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