Autumnal Equinox Blessing 2020

We are through the portal…Summer is behind us and Fall is at our feet.

May we step with consciousness and understanding into this new season, aware that our enthusiasm will wax and wane, as the moon does through her cycles.

Given the challenges of our planet, our country, our own neighborhoods, we ask for patience and resilience, for the fortitude to look at ourselves and our lives with honesty – and hope. May the despair that arises at times be met with grace, with healing.

Every day is an education, is it not? May we stand in a spirit of exploration, of openness, of neutrality as we identify what is at risk if we judge others and ourselves harshly, if we do not live in the Divine truth of our Essence.

May we listen for the voice of the Divine. May we respond easily, effortlessly, with spontaneity, to the suggestions of Spirit. For it is those inspirations – momentous and tiny – that lead us into joy and freedom.

Blessings as we hold the highest vibrations of love in our every thought, word, and action.

Happy Autumn!


  1. What you have written is very beautiful and heartwarming. Thanks for your poetry and your wisdom. Pam Newton

  2. Pam Kristan says

    Janet, you craft these blessings so beautifully from the angel cards drawn at random. A real gift!

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