A Blessing for the New Season, the New Year

This blessing is created from the Angel Card qualities (italicized) chosen for the participants in the Winter Solstice Ritual and Sound Healing. Please take this blessing for yourself and share it freely with all who might benefit from it.

Welcome, Yule! Welcome, Winter! Welcome, New Year!

We have crossed the new season’s threshold – released our fear, moved forward with courage, called in the power of our trust in the love of the Divine to guide our path.

What an opportunity for awakening we have! The season’s shift, the new year – all call to us with their energy of transformation!

What is the invitation of your transformation? More tenderness? Compassion? Humor? May each of these be present for us all – for they will lead to greater kindness to others and ourselves, more contentment with what is, more spontaneity and whimsy to soften our serious lives.

The dawning of 2021 demands strength, patience, a willingness to risk what is unknown and perhaps less comfortable. Today’s life is an education, is it not? May we be good students, may we discern the true lessons that are here for the learning. May we recognize these truths for the simplicity with which they are stated, for the sense of Essence’s freedom that they bring.

May 2021 bring a deep healing to us: individually, collectively as a tribe, to our planet Earth.

Let us set our intentions! An abundance of intentions! A celebration of intentions! Let us take action to manifest those intentions!

Through it all, follow the inspiration the Divine brings. Follow what brings delight.

We will not go wrong, we will only go right through the love and alignment of our Essence in harmony with Spirit, Source, All That Is.

Blessed New Year!

Join us for the next seasonal shift! The Spring Equinox Ritual and Sound Healing will be on Friday, March 19, 2021 at 7:30 PM via Zoom. Please check my Events page for details.



  1. Lynn Carriker says

    Thank you so much Janet. Your words are filled with Light and an ancient Wisdom. I treasure them …as I/we invite in this New Year . You are a blessing

    • Spiral Energies says

      Blessings, Lynn, for reading and commenting here. We’re through the threshold – may our New Year, 2021 bring all good blessings.

  2. Patricia Justine Fazzone says

    Thank you for choosing the form of a prayer that brings together all of the angel blessings; it will be part of my prayer practice to read this prayer in today and in the new year. I received the angel card for celebration and felt it connected to my retirement from Harvard; there was a beautiful ritual of reflections, blessings, and sharing with 30 colleagues, professors and family and I am grateful for the video recording in which I can review it again with the angel blessings that are in this prayer as a way of knowing more deeply the heart connections and heart energy; Alison spoke of the Going Forth; we both reflected on the energy that abides now so I see how your prayer an connect to what is unfolding. The celebration of intentions and the celebration of life each day in some way while I shelter at home is indeed possible. Thank you for giving an overview of your future offerings as it is helpful and hopeful for this time.
    Patricia Fazzone

    • Spiral Energies says

      What a lovely sharing, Patricia. Thank you for relaying how this blessing speaks to you and how you will use it in the coming time. Blessings to you!

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