A Blessing for the Autumnal Equinox

As the day Surrenders its light to darkness, may we stay in Harmony and balance, in grace, in peace. We set our Intention to keep our Enthusiasm, retain the Spontaneity that Summer inspired, even as we Release ourselves into the Depths of Fall’s richness.

Summer felt lighter, more Playful. We were Awakened each day with the invitation to take Risks, to explore, to have adventures.

We feel called to hold our lives with more Responsibility as Fall begins – perhaps this is a leftover sense from our days as school children! But we Release all arduousness from responsibility and hold it, instead, as the ability to respond, to respond in right alignment with the Divine and our Essence.

May we hold ourselves with Tenderness, with Patience, as the darkness descends. We burn a candle, light the fire in the hearth, spread warmth through our kindness to each other.

Blessings to all our community – all Sisters and Brothers– until we meet again on the shortest day to call the light back in.


  1. Beautiful and inspirational! Thank you for sharing this. <3

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