Worry, Be Gone!

+ Woman leaping on beach Worry Radio 6631559_sWorry, worry, worry! We know it’s an unproductive energy, yet it creeps up on us and sticks around, zapping our energy and not contributing anything positive. My guest, Claire Boskin, and I will explore the energy of worrying and how to shift this mental/energetic cycle of thought.

Claire Boskin is a psychotherapist in the Boston area who has worked for 41 years in private practice with individuals and couples. She also leads workshops and trains groups on a variety of topics. Her self-described direction and joy is “to explore the next step in expanding and deepening our ability to be present and engaged with our selves and others.” Claire integrates a lifetime of living and learning in her work along with understandings and practices from Buddhist teachings, Mindfulness, and Psychosynthesis.


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