We Are Spirit in Human Form

+ Hands holding vortex light 28129974_sHave you experienced deja-vu or a sense that you’ve lived another lifetime before this one? Perhaps you have the feeling that everything around you –including yourself – has a spiritual dimension? To some degree, most of us sense the spiritual aspect of our body, mind, spirit paradigm and many of us are deeply exploring it. Spiritual writer and actress Tannis Benedict and I share our thoughts, stories, and experiences in We Are Spirit in Human Form.

Tannis Benedict is a spiritual writer and life-long spiritual seeker. Her spiritual stories have been published in several anthologies and she is currently working on a screenplay with a spiritual theme. Tannis is also an actress who has appeared on screen in several venues including the films Home of the Brave, My Life as a House, and Stuart Little. Tannis and her husband, producer Brian Frankish, live in Los Angeles.

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