The Turning of the Year: Reflections and Blessings

+ hands holding tealight FB Sept 14 11205410_sOne year closes; the next begins. The completion of a cycle invites reflection and review. As this year turns, we’ll contemplate the past, present, and future by revisiting two spiritual practices from past shows.

Did you identify a one-word resolution last year as 2015 began? How has it held up for you? Tell us what comes up as you reflect on your previous year’s word and as you invite in a new quality for 2016.

Another practice, creating a blessing, is a powerful way of expressing our love, appreciation and heartfelt desires for the wellbeing of us all. As we did a year ago, listeners are invited to share a blessing– for themselves, for family and friends, community, for the planet – to honor the ending of the year, to welcome and consecrate the new. Start simply, “May you be blessed with…” and go from there.

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