Purpose and Passion: The Fire in Our Lives

+ Rock pile sunset Radio Jan 16 30530660_sWhat is my life purpose?

Am I doing what should I be doing? Is my life purpose different from my career? Am I passionate about my life purpose?

These burning questions come up periodically throughout our lifetime. As spiritual beings, we recognize that expressing our life purpose is an important component of our spiritual path. We yearn to express ourselves, our spirit, through our work.

But identifying what our purpose is can be a challenge, and finding the right vehicle for its manifestation may be even harder.

Psychotherapist Claire Boskin and I discuss the challenges we face to live our lives purposefully – with meaning and satisfaction – on Creating a Spirited Life Sunday, January 17th at 8 PM. Join our discussion – and call in with your own thoughts – on Purpose and Passion: The Fire in Our Lives.

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