Discernment: Wisdom or Wishful Thinking?

+ Compass held by hands March 16 Radio 28410055_sThroughout our lives, we ask for guidance, direction, and inspiration to help us along our way. And, something comes along – an impression, a feeling, a thought. But it’s not always clear…is what we’re hearing wisdom or wishful thinking?

We need an inner compass as we navigate through our lives, a guidance system that helps us filter out what is real and true for us, what is not.

Discernment is the process of listening to the input we receive – both internal and external – and deciding what to keep, what to set aside. As we create a helpful process of discernment, we are able to listen deeply and then respond from an aligned, centered place.

Quaker and discernment expert Melody Brazo and I sort through the issues that come up as we listen and learn to discern what is true guidance on Discernment: Wisdom or Wishful Thinking? Join us Sunday, March 20th at 8 PM on Creating a Spirited Life.

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Melody Brazo is a Social Justice Educator and Consultant with over forty years of experience working in schools, non-profits, community and religious organizations. She is an accomplished facilitator, having designed and delivered workshops and retreats for a wide variety of clients in the public and private sectors. She combines a background in Instructional Systems Design and training development with a commitment to equity and community organizing. Her early work included the design and delivery of training for private industry and the federal government. Eventually her interest in community organizing led her to connect her expertise in training and group dynamics, with her dedication to expanding the opportunities for equity in the workplace and in daily life.

Ms. Brazo is committed to dismantling prejudice by examining issues of race, class, gender, equity and access so that individuals and organizations can respond more effectively to the communities they serve. She has provided training, consultation, technical assistance and team building strategies for schools, community organizations and non-profits. She also leads spiritually focused retreats designed to deepen participant’s experience and appreciation of the sacred aspects of daily life.

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