Compassionate Curiosity: The Pathway to Peace and Well-Being

+ tree-lined path FB AP 16 19986092_sAuthor and spiritual teacher Mary O’Malley has developed a pathway to bring us into the fullness of being joyfully alive. Her book, What’s In the Way IS the Way explores this path and encourages us to use compassionate curiosity to bring insight and guidance to our healing of whatever it is that is getting in our way. Mary and I will discuss her approach and her book, of which Tara Brach has said, “This beautiful book is filled with heart wisdom. Mary O’Malley’s teachings are simple, deep and profoundly transforming…they will guide you in letting go and trusting life.” Creating a Spirited Life is pleased to welcome Mary O’Malley as we discuss Compassionate Curiosity: The Pathway to Peace and Well-Being.

From Mary O’Malley’s book What’s In the Way IS the Way: “At the core, fear causes you to contract rather than open, to protect rather than to connect, to resist rather than respond, to survive rather than thrive…You don’t have to live your life with fear in charge.”

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