Welcome, Spring! A Blessing for the New Season

Sacred Balance Sky and Water

The cold snaps abate, the daylight lengthens, rain and sun pull forth from the earth the greens and yellows of early Spring. 

We honor the expansiveness brought by the warmer air, the brighter days. 

We honor our openness to receive the healing the Divine offers.

We honor the beauty of our Essence’s simplicity.  

Oh, Spirit, we invite purification of all that blocks us, causing us to forget who we really are in our soul. We invite kindness to others and ourselves. May we know the clarity of the authenticity that is our Highest Self, our connection with the Divine.  

And in these challenging, often overwhelming times, may we stand rooted in Essence flexibility – knowing when to bend, when to hold our ground. 

Each new season offers us an abundance of rich gifts! May we notice these gifts, may we hold them with celebration. May we draw on that energy to support and sustain ourselves and all others with love. 

We welcome you, Blessed Spring! 

Italicized words are the qualities drawn by participants in the recent Spring Equinox Ritual and Sound Healing.

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