Vesica Piscis

+ Vesica Piscis overlap circles 7180040_sIf you’ve ever doodled circles all over a pad of paper, you’ve been drawing sacred geometric shapes. Circles are a foundational shape in sacred geometry. They symbolize wholeness, equality, unity, and oneness.

If your doodles filled the page, the circles probably touched each other and even intersected at points. The intersected circles created another sacred shape – the Vesica Piscis.

A classic Vesica Piscis is formed by two overlapping circles with the same radius. The resulting shared area of the circles is an almond or fish shape. Vesica Piscis is Latin for “bladder of a fish.” This shape was used by early Christians as a secret identification symbol and has also been used in artwork by religions and cultures all over the world for centuries.It is still in use and can be easily found in objects sacred to mundane – from stained glass windows to pillow fabric.

The Vesica Piscis is perfectly proportioned and represents equal balance in the relationship of two circles. Equal balance is something we often strive for in our relationships and lives. It sounds ideal, but, as with any ideal, equal proportion isn’t always desirable or how things work out in practice. Oftentimes, there is too much or not enough overlap in our dynamic with someone or something.

Have you ever wanted more of someone’s attention than you’re getting? Or, conversely, have you felt smothered or overtaken by someone or something – such as your job for instance? Sometimes the level of intersection we desire is changeable – today we want more, tomorrow we’re ready for some space. In a relationship with anything or anyone, the degree of relational overlap is fluid.

By using the Vesica Piscis, you can gain some insight into the dynamics of your relationships. Think of each circle of the Vesica Piscis as representing two entities – yourself and some “other” – a partner, child, parent, friend, your work, a hobby, and so on. Imagine yourself as one of the circles, your “other” as the second. Draw a picture of the two circles that reflects the relationship as it is right now. Do the circles touch? Intersect a little bit? Practically cover over each other?

Evaluate the dynamic of the overlap. Is it ideal? Is it the balance you want, even if it isn’t equal? Does the overlap seem too small, leaving you feeling a bit deprived? Is it too large, making you desire a little more breathing room?

If you chose your work as the second circle in this exercise, and the picture that emerged for you was of the work circle overtaking the “you” circle, you might adjust the intersection of the two to be less consuming. Picture or draw it the way you want it to look. Think about the qualities you want in the overlap – perhaps you see yourself satisfied by your work, productive, but not overtaken and exhausted. You might even want to set the intention that you can separate out from the work circle completely at times, releasing work from your “sphere,” as it were, in off-business hours.

Whenever there is too much overlap with another entity or person we risk losing track of ourselves and feeling lost in the merger. A circle on top of another circle can make it hard to see that there are still two separate circles – not just one blurred one! Loss of our boundaries can lead to enmeshment and co-dependency. This is a time to pull the circles apart and find ourselves again!

We are meant to live our own individuation, even in a loving merger with another.

Among the myriad of relationships we have in our lives, the collaboration with Source is of greatest importance. The more we cultivate it, the better off we are. But even here, where we want as rich an intersection as possible, it is important to retain a sense of our individuation. The balance of energy in our connection with Source does not mean we lose ourselves – at least, we don’t lose our Selves, our Unlimited Self!

In a Divine Intersection, we are in overlap, but still know ourselves in our Essence. We know that we have a role in the dynamic of collaboration with Source. As part of that dynamic, we communicate with Source, ask It for help, listen as It inspires us, then manifestat what is suggested. We do our part, while Source does Its. This is balance and proportion at its best – a healthy collaboration, a co-creation with the Divine.

So, use the Vesica Piscis to map any relationship – sacred or mundane. It has a lot to show us. But, the Vesica Piscis of yourself with Source is of the highest order. It is filled with grace. Cultivate it, enjoy it, draw on it. It is truly a Divine overlap of the highest order.




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