Undiluted Potential – The Blessing of a New Season

Last week’s Spring Vernal Equinox occurred Wednesday, March 20that 5:58 PM and was followed a few hours later by a Full Moon at 9:34 PM. The auspicious proximity of these events prompted me to draw a Rune (an ancient Nordic divination system) for wisdom and insight for the coming Spring season.

The Rune that emerged from the pouch was the Blank Rune, a white stone that looks rather like a full moon. Unlike its counterparts that have line drawings signifying various meanings, this Rune is unmarked on both sides.

As the last Rune in the series of twenty-five, it symbolizes both the ending and the beginning of cycles. This spoke to me of the ending of winter and the beginning of spring; the ending of the full moon cycle and the beginning of the waning moon.

Ralph H. Blum describes the Blank Rune in this way:

In that blankness is held undiluted potential. At the same time both pregnant and empty, this Rune comprehends the totality of being, all that is to be actualized.

Undiluted potential…what a profound phrase. What a beautiful reminder of who we are as Essence – undiluted, potent. Potential – with promise, capacity, destiny.

In this coming season, may we each know and experience our own Essence potential in its undiluted form – full of love, true empowerment, in connection with the Divine.

Enjoy this blessing that was created from the Angel card qualities (italicized) chosen by the participants at the Spring Equinox Ritual at the TS Center. Share the blessing with others and have a blessed Spring!

Spring Vernal Equinox Blessing

 With Spring’s Awakening, may we hold a clear Vision of the Abundance that is available to us through the love of the Divine. May we revel in our Soul’s Freedom to express itself.

May we Trust in the Power and Support the Universe provides as we seek Healing of all that is troubling us or causing us pain. As the Transformation of these challenges begins to manifest, let us remember to be in gratitude for the grace we are experiencing.

We hold ourselves with Honesty, look at ourselves with Clarity, and see the Beauty within us. May we extend that same perspective to each person we encounter.

And through the joyous sensations of Spring’s milder temperatures, longer daylight, and vividly colored flowers and trees, may we be inspired to Spontaneously delight in the richness of our senses.

Blessed Spring!

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