Two Words

+ Thank you hands Mar 09 32522406_sOur culture spends a lot of time, energy, and print elaborately detailing weight-loss and fitness programs that, we all know, basically boil down to two directives: eat less, exercise more. Similarly succinctly stated, the best financial investment advice is the classic Buy low, sell high. In both cases, each statement is just two words that tell it all.

Two words can wield a lot of information in a concise, easy-to-remember form. In a recent post, I relayed a few quotes I’d heard that were in this powerful two-word form – I decided and Embrace uncertainty.

Words convey a lot, but are also open to interpretation and can be misconstrued. When we ask for guidance in our spiritual life, we might want and expect that guidance will come in the form of words. As a verbally oriented society, that would seem the clearest and most obvious form for communication. But long sentences and paragraphs are easily confused and misunderstood. The few times I’ve felt Spirit speak to me with words, what I’ve heard have been only a few words, not many. Perhaps Guidance has learned the “less is more” lesson.

Most of the time, the Guidance that I’ve received has not been in the form of words at all. It has been feelings, impressions, images, and synchronicities that have informed and nudged me in certain directions and towards inspired responses and actions. When I recognize these messages, I notice an inner feeling of “rightness.” I literally get goose bumps at times when I’ve recognized a truth. Quakers call inspirations from God, leadings. It’s a great term, and again, implies a gentler, subtler energy of communication than the clear and undeniable verbal directives or commands we might wish we could hear sometimes.

Anne Lamott, author of “Traveling Mercies,” (a book I heartily recommend) suggests that asking for guidance from Spirit or God essentially falls into two types of prayers – prayers of thanks and prayers for help. This offers an even simpler format than the two word format – one word! Help! Thanks!

“Help!” is a plea we use when things are overwhelming or we are beyond our own resources. I ask for help often. A two-word version of asking for help is Guide me. “Guide me” is an invitation to co-create the next step, to be in the process together with Spirit, each with a part to play.

And, each moment, each step in the process is sweetened with the other prayer Lamott identifies, “Thanks.” Thank you completes the energetic circle of asking and receiving.

If I play with it a little, I can condense a lot of things I’m working on in my life into two words. I am trying to eat less, exercise more! And, after asking Source for guidance on a tough project, the suggestion that came to me was to just keep writing – not to give up.

And, being real is my preferred way of being when in conversations with family, friends and colleagues.

As I use my spiritual practice of setting intentions, I’m working to take action to support them, to do my part in helping them manifest.

Lastly, I strive to be present at all times.

Two words. Concise, memorable, and powerful.

Two last words: be well!

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