Three Meditations

+ hand under globe Oct 11 Muse 20523250_sBack in the fall of 2008, things were very intense both in our country and the world in general. The economy was collapsing, the upcoming presidential election had more than its usual share of controversy, and our planet’s ecology was becoming increasingly fragile. Concerned, and wanting to do something constructive, I decided to host a meditation evening, a gathering where people could acknowledge their feelings about these important issues and, together, call in help from the Universe through meditation.

As I prepared for the evening, I realized that the three situations we would be holding in meditation – the planetary environment, the global financial structure, and the election – each corresponded to energetic qualities associated with the chakras. Our planet’s survival is a root chakra issue and the second chakra is where issues about money and power lie. It took a little contemplation to figure out which chakra the upcoming election connected with, but I finally realized that an election is about leadership. The best leadership has a high level of integrity, a quality held in the third chakra where our connection with ourselves, our Highest Selves, resides.

Relating these political issues to the chakras personalized them for me. Each concern became truly mine, in my energy field, not just a generalized national or global issue about other people.

The evening came for the meditation group. Response to my invitation was strong – many people were concerned and had had a similar impulse to meet and meditate together. Those who couldn’t attend the gathering told me that they would meditate at home during our meeting. It was very powerful to feel a network of energy extending beyond my living room, out into the community.

We gathered, spoke briefly about the focuses we would hold for the evening, and began to meditate. What emerged from the evening were these three meditations, expressed in the form of intentions invoking Spirit’s help.

  • We call blessings and healing energy into our root chakra issues as we re-align ourselves with our planet, coming back into right alignment with ourselves as the guests and honored caretakers of Earth.
  • We call blessings and healing energy into our second chakra issues as we re-order our relationship with money and finance, recognizing that money is no more than an energy of exchange, not that which creates our value, worth, power, or safety.
  • We call blessings and healing energy into our third chakra issues as we anchor the integrity of our leadership in the integrity of our Essence at all levels, micro to macro, from our personal lives to positions of leadership in the governments around the planet.

The meditation that evening was focused, powerful, and full of grace. We felt connected and united in our commitment to call in the Highest Well-Being for All. We experienced a feeling of community, and promised to carry on these intentions and focuses on our own.

A while back, I was reading an article about meditating, and found that I had misread the word meditating as mediating. When I caught the slip, I realized what an exquisite “mistake” it was. Meditating is mediating. In meditating, we are mediating Spirit. We are calling in help, connecting with the Divine, bringing in Source energy to heal and transform a situation. Bringing in Consciousness brings in the Divine. I can think of no better reason to meditate than this.

As the environment, economy, and leadership continue to be relevant topics, I continue to hold each of these meditations in my awareness every day and call in Spirit’s help. Please join me in this endeavor. You know the old saying, “Together we can change the world”? Together, as a community of meditators who mediate Spirit, we can assist the planetary transformation that is happening. Let’s keep at it and do our part.

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