Three Gifts of Wisdom from Three Wise Women

+ Three Gifts Dec 08 13595235_sThree wise women – not the wise men in the Christ story – have inspired me. Their wisdom is simple and profound and teaches us significant lessons.

The first wise woman is spiritual teacher and writer, Donna Mitchell-Moniak, who says, “Only a change in consciousness can change the world.” This is so true. As soon as our consciousness changes, we change, and so does the world. This speaks to me on both the macro and the micro level of our outer and inner world, both of which can change with the shift of a perception, the taking in of a new thought.

It inspires me to ask myself what is in my consciousness; what am I reading, listening to, believing in, holding in my thoughts. Who am I spending my time with, what are we talking about, and so on. Is it lowering my vibrational level or bringing it up? What is my consciousness and how can I change it so that I will continue to evolve?

The next piece of wisdom comes from a fairly well-known source, Oprah. Oprah has said numerous times that she believes the two most powerful words are, “I decided.” Over and over, she has heard these words spoken by people describing the turning point in their lives, the point when momentous changes began. Their declaration could be a decision of any sort or intensity, be it “I decided never to be abused in that way again,” to “I decided to be of service to God.”

I’ve noticed for myself the weighty-ness of these words, “I decided” when they are truly coming from the deepest core of my being, and how much impact they have on me. The real changes happen when they are grounded in the clearest, least conflicted energy. Then, watch out!

Lastly, my friend Julie signed off an email one day by saying, “Do something out of character today!” I loved this whimsical/profound suggestion and offer it to you to try out. Set your intention to do something out of character and see what springs up!

What I noticed first of all was how very set in my structure and usual choices I am. When “doing something out of character” showed up one day as choosing cinnamon instead of peppermint gum, I realized this could be a pretty fun way of noticing my habitual life style! The suggestion has led to slightly more interesting changes and has helped me open myself to some new expressions of my self and new opportunities I might otherwise have missed.

As the year closes, consider what significant changes in consciousness are ready to happen within you, of times when “I decided” came from a deep place in your being, of something you did out of character. Find their wisdom, and thank  in your heart the three wise women who brought us these gifts.

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