The Universe Loves Speed

+Act Now postit March 1314055082_sMy friend Carolyn recently told me about following an impulse to drop in on a businessman in her town. Friends had suggested he might be helpful with her pet project (pardon the pun), the Maynard Dog Park. Finding herself close to his office one day, she knocked on his door and introduced herself. It was a good meeting, and a good connection to have made.

I admired the quickness of her actions. Carolyn told me, “The Universe loves speed. Sometimes, we’re supposed to just go for it, move quickly on an impulse or an inspiration, instead of always waiting, holding back, pondering and weighing things before we take action.” That day, she’d had the feeling that Spirit had given her the suggestion to introduce herself to this man, and she went for it.

Carolyn’s story reminded me of a time when I moved with speed on a leading. Over thirty years ago, inspired by a teacher’s invitation to study in her program at Longy School of Music, I decided to leave Ohio and go to Boston to be her student. After putting my affairs in order within a few months, I packed my car and was on my way. I remember feeling very clearly at the time that it was both what I wanted to do and was meant to do. Though the move was momentous, all the pieces to make it happen fell into place with amazing speed and ease.

The way this happened was my tip-off that it was a true inspiration. The telltale signs of alignment with my Highest Self were present: ease, clarity and sureness. And, while I certainly experienced some nervousness, I didn’t feel a “crippling” level of fear. Instead, there was a lot of excitement in the mix. Though I was moving quickly through the process, I stayed relatively grounded and steady throughout it.

Acting quickly isn’t usually my mode of response. My comfort-zone tempo for most everything – from moving through my day’s activities to acting on an inspiration – is more of a not too fast, not too slow, middle–range speed. I generally prefer to take some time before acting; time to consider, test out, make sure.

That modus operandi works pretty well for me, for the most part. But it’s all too easy to get stuck in a particular way of being and rely on it too much of the time. While it is important to take time and consider before acting, it can get a little boring to never act quickly or spontaneously. Of course, if one reacts quickly all the time, life can feel frantic, scattered, and unsettled. And, at the other end of the spectrum, responding too slowly can lead to being stuck and unable to make progress.

Perhaps, the ideal is to have a whole range of tempos to use when led by an inspiration. Discerning when to move quickly and when to wait, is an art in itself. But we can only draw on these various responses when they are in our vocabulary, if we’ve tried them out. And, knowing our usual pattern of response tells us how we might need to act that is different from our norm.

Since moving quickly is probably the hardest for me, I like to experiment by acting on less consequential impulses/inspirations. Making a coffee date with a friend at a moment’s notice, or going to a gathering even though I don’t know anyone there are the kinds of experiences that help me gain confidence in quickly following inspirations. When I have good results, it’s easier to act quickly the next time.

“The Universe loves speed…” Along with Carolyn’s axiom comes another, “the Universe loves stillness.” Often, we’re too busy or distracted to hear inspiration when it calls. Stillness provides a contrast to the sometimes frantic quality in our lives. Stillness – the kind that is deliberate, not stuck, that is peaceful, centered and deeply grounded – can be elusive. But it is absolutely vital to our well-being and our ability to discern and quickly act on inspirations from Spirit.

The focal point around which everything else orbits is stillness. Without a calm center, we can flounder, race around, or get stuck. Cultivating stillness is central to many spiritual practices, and may be the most important of all of the energy tempos.

Stillness in nature is described as “undisturbed by wind, sound, or current; calm and tranquil.” Considering the wind currents we can kick up in our busy lives, we need times of stillness to keep ourselves balanced.

Aligned and centered in the deep stillness of our Essence, we can experiment with what moves us out of our comfort zone. We can discover what stretches us and helps us expand. From that core place, we are ready to respond with the speed the Universe loves to the inspirations and leadings that can change our lives.

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