The Turn of the Year, the Balance of the Seasons

During the night of the storm, I come downstairs. The lighting is different than usual. I sense brightness even though the living room lights are off and the shades are drawn.

The falling snow, accumulating on the tree branches, the ground the streets, has lit up the world, casting a glow everywhere.

Nature’s balance is at work. Snow only falls when it’s cold, which is also the time of year when the darkness is the longest and the days their shortest.

But we’re given this gift, this trade-off. The cold and dark are counterbalanced by the snow’s whiteness – so strong on a sunny morning that it creates a snow glare on the eyes!

As Winter Solstice approaches, the day length is shortening every day. We’ll get down to just a little over nine hours of light by the Solstice. As we cross through the Solstice threshold and enter winter, we know we’re in for the coldest season of the year. Many also associate winter with the darkest time of year, too. But no, here again, is an exquisite balance.

Winter’s cold is counteracted by the lengthening of the daylight! Watch the sky in the afternoon, and you’ll notice within a few weeks of Solstice that the days are slightly longer. Within a month, you might realize that the sunlight seems brighter – and it is! The sun’s angle in the sky rises and the light intensifies over the months through winter and spring until the sun reaches its zenith in June.

Contemplate this yin/yang of our natural world. Hear the lessons it offers.

As the year turns, stay in tune with Nature’s balance. It will bring balance to your inner self, influence your outer life. It will help you stay in tune with the gift as well as the challenges you face.

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