Super-Size Me!

+ man arms wide open beach June 12 5265188_s A fast-food chain came up with the phrase “Super-size me!” to encourage its customers to inflate their serving size from large to super-large. For myself, I know I don’t need twenty-four ounces of sugary soda or an extra load of greasy French fries and am not drawn to it. In fact, the larger-than-necessary serving, the “super-size,” grates against me – reminding me of our American culture’s advertising premise that bigger is better, that we should want more than we need. The advertisers are playing on our desire to have more – convincing us that we need more – when often we don’t.

Bad food is one of many things where bigger or more is not better for us and, in fact, might be unhealthy. But, sometimes more is good for us. In spiritual teachings, we are encouraged to ask and receive in a big way. This is hard to do if we associate “more” with being bad for us, with selfishness, with feeling like we’re asking for more than our share.

But I recently had a revelation which helped me reconcile my inner conflict about asking for things in a big way. One arena where I’m not conflicted about having a big experience in is my spirituality. I want the deepest, fullest, most expansive connection with Spirit I can have. In pursuit of this, I arranged to have a session with the spiritual teacher Mirabai Devi. Prior to my appointment, I’d been told to write out what I wanted Mirabai’s transmission of healing energy to embrace, so a few days before the session, I started my list. I decided to go for it, to super-size my requests. I consciously asked big, listing my personal, professional, and relational wants, along with the needs of several people I knew. I even included the planet’s animals and ecosystem.

Mirabai and I began our session, sitting in wing chairs facing each other. I handed Mirabai my list and closed my eyes. She held the papers with my requests in her lap and the transmission began. When it was time to finish, Mirabai invited me to open my eyes. What I saw taught me a spiritual lesson. While I’d sat in a meditational pose with my hands modestly cupped in my lap, Mirabai’s arms were wide open, resting on the arms of the chair. Our positions were in stark contrast – my small cup, her grand bowl.

Realizing that the energy was available to both of us, I immediately spread my arms out wide, too. The open position symbolized allowing in the expanded flow of energy that was present, waiting to be utilized. It felt as natural as could be to open up wide to receive it.

And, just as significantly, my open arms gave me a sense of an outpouring of energy, as well as of taking it in. This was the moment when I reconciled my aversion to super-sizing my use of Source energy. Connotations of greed were brushed aside as I realized that the more I took in and availed myself of this energy, the more of it I had to share with the rest of the world. It didn’t feel selfish or greedy to connect with this generous flow of Source energy. It felt like being a conduit (a BIG conduit!) for energy – not just for me and my life, but for everything: my conscious and unconscious cares, concerns, desires, as well as those of the planet and of all the people and animals on it.

As I drove home that day I found myself blessing everything I encountered, and I have continued to feel an expanded generosity of spirit. “More” has gone from feeling a little selfish to becoming a win/win dynamic for myself and everyone else.

A friend once told me about a dream she’d had in which she was in heaven in a room where a table was laden with a smorgasbord of wonderful food. Picking up a plate to help herself, an angel said to her, “You humans take such small plates for your servings! Use a larger plate, there’s plenty.”

Take a large plate. Enjoy your food, your life, your connection with Source, and then share some with anyone who needs it. Ask big, share big. Picture yourself basking in an energy stream. Then, actually stand up and open your arms (your wings!) out wide to feel the energy flowing in and out. It’s present within and all around you. Super-size your connection with Source and see what happens.

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