+ clock Resetting Nov 09 6686168_sAs I got up this morning, I walked around my house, calmly setting the clocks one hour back to Standard Time. It might not seem like a profound moment, but that was what struck me: without fanfare or much protest, we’re resetting time, for goodness sakes! We’re agreeing that what was 4:00 yesterday is 3:00 today. And, while we might groan and resist a bit, most of us are just doing it. Simply, easily resetting, recalibrating, adjusting, and going on.

What struck me was the general accord with which we agree to change time, by an hour, and the effortlessness with which this happens. I began thinking about what else might change if we all agreed. And what if we changed it in small increments, so that it was a noticeable adjustment, but one that didn’t require too much effort to recalibrate?

For example, what if we all decided to be kinder to each other? What if we reset ourselves so that we gradually felt calmer and more at ease in our lives? What if we recalibrated our ideas about things like competition and success?

I’ve recently begun to recalibrate my sense of satisfaction. As a well-organized person, I am a “doer” who loves to check things off her list. This is fine, as are all of our gifts, but I’ve realized lately that, without having a list of checked off items at the end of a day, I don’t always feel satisfied with myself. Even on a day when I really don’t have a lot pressing on me, I can’t always settle into feeling at ease and satisfied with a restful day – because, I ask myself at the end of it, what have I accomplished?

This is not at all the way I want to be in my life. I want to love my work and love my “non-work.” Actually, I want to feel satisfied and fine with whatever my day brings, whatever is happening. I want to be connected and present all the time, and not just pleased with the points I’ve earned (in my own little internal system) by doing.

So, my experiment is to reset how I am in the moment to a place where I am connected with whatever experience I’m having in an effortless, easy way. Do you remember the Eagles’ lyric, “I’ve got a peaceful, easy feeling”? That’s what I’m working towards; gently bringing that feeling in at all times, no matter what is going on.

How about you? What would you like to recalibrate in your life, a little at a time? What would you like us all to agree to shift? What do you wish we’d all mark on our calendars, (like we do the start and end of Daylight Saving Time), as the day we adjust our thoughts, feelings, and patterns one level higher toward a better vibration?

I look forward to hearing your answers, and will share some of them in the next Muse. In the meantime, I wish you a “peaceful, easy feeling” in all that you do and Be this month.

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