+ Playing piano Practice Ap 09 12244769_sPractice. It’s a word I lived with all my life as a musician. “Did you practice today?” was a question I first heard from my mother, then internalized for myself, knowing that I was supposed to practice the piano every day, every day.

While I often resisted practicing, I eventually saw the positive effects of this daily endeavor. The scales, the exercises, the hand position studies, the repertoire, listening to recorded music; these were the building blocks on which my musicianship, technique, and knowledge of piano were based. A little bit at a time, the energy accumulated and my connection with music deepened.

I don’t practice the piano any more, but I have another practice, my spiritual practice. As with practicing music, it is a daily event that has many parts to it: meditation, gratitude journaling, intentions, reading. These activities are my spiritual building blocks, and I attribute them with helping to develop and support my spiritual life.

For myself, the daily, thoughtful repetition of these activities is vital. Of course, busy lives challenge a commitment to regular daily practices, even when we see their positive effects. Remembering that the spiritual body needs nourishment, stimulation, nurturing, care, and consideration on a continuous basis, just as my physical body does helps me stay on track. I don’t hesitate to take good care of my physical body; in fact, already today, I have eaten several times, exercised, showered, drunk water, sheltered my body from rain and cold, had a discussion with my doctor about cholesterol, rested, worn a seat belt, and had a massage. No shortage of care for my physical body!

While I can also create a list of what I’ve done today for my spiritual body, a few years ago my list wouldn’t have been nearly as full as it is now. At this point in time, I crave spiritual growth and eagerly do my practices. Well, I’m eager most of the time. Sometimes I set them aside or skip them or change my daily order and realize later I’ve forgotten to do some part of my routine. But, I’m generally committed to these practices, though getting them to a point of being daily and regular took time and consciousness.

I am inspired to keep up my spiritual practices because I experience the long-term effects – feeling connected to Source, feeling aligned, centered, calm. I’m also inspired as I realize that what I’m really doing through my spiritual practice is practicing spirituality. Just as I practiced music to become a better musician, I practice spirituality to deepen my connection with Spirit. I cultivate communication with Spirit. I nurture my spirituality to keep myself aware and conscious of Spirit as much as possible.

Learning a foreign language takes repetition. The more we speak the language, the better we know it. Similarly, I’m learning the language of Spirit, and I want to speak it as often as possible. My daily practice provides me the opportunity to be in the language of Spirit.

Let’s practice it together.

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