Never Too Late

+ clock at midnight Dec 11 Muse 22570101_sPat, a friend from graduate school, visited me a few months ago. While we were reminiscing about our student days, she recalled a conversation with Mrs. Kuhn, a professor’s wife, which had given her a new rule to live by. She had been telling Mrs. Kuhn about a situation with someone that she’d left a little “ragged.” Though she still felt unresolved about it, enough time had passed that she felt awkward about approaching the person involved. Mrs. Kuhn said, “Patricia, it’s never too late to do good.”

What wise advice. It isn’t ever too late to “do good.” It might feel easier or more convenient to let things slide, sweep them under the carpet, pretend they never happened. But if those phrases describe how we feel– like we’re ignoring or avoiding something difficult – then the situation isn’t resolved or complete and should be attended to. A “do-over” can bring about closure. When we frame our do-over as “doing good,” it adds a positive purpose and may provide the little push we need to work through the awkward, self-conscious feelings that have held us back.

Granted, not every relationship or situation will be tied up neatly and topped with a bow, but the effort to achieve closure can clear our energy field of regrets. If the other person isn’t ready or able to reconcile, we will at least know we tried, and can then send blessings to that person and move on.

“It’s never too late to do good” can be applied to many arenas in life, too. We can do good work for ourselves and for our planet, taking the exercise walk that will launch a healthier life style, or helping our community by lending a hand at the local food pantry.

In our busy lives – which feel even more hurried at the holidays and at the year’s end – we can feel as if it is too late to do what we might want/need to do. Beyond immediate tasks, it can feel as if there isn’t room for anything else. So much to do, so little time! But the end of the calendar year and the beginning of a new year are natural times for closure and renewal. They are good times to ask ourselves, “What is undone, incomplete? What needs to begin?”

Many things may spring to mind (and heart!) as we complete the sentence, “It’s never too late to …” Even if answers abound, a meditation to ask our Highest Selves what we should be aware of can provide interesting insights. By receiving a directive from our Highest Selves, the process is inspired and the action anchored in Essence and Source Energy. This brings greater ease to a process we might have been avoiding.

So, take a moment, find some quiet space, and try this out: Do whatever you do to bring yourself into a meditative state; sit comfortably but with gentle alertness; focus on your breathing; bring your attention inwards while also allowing in the sounds around you. Try focusing on the space between your eyes, where the third eye, our intuitive center, lies. If you can’t get your thoughts to calm down, picture a scene from nature or see an image or color (I think of this as my meditational “screen saver”).

When you’re feeling settled, invite your Highest Self, your Essence, to bring into your awareness a situation that is “undone,” that needs completion. Ask for guidance. If you’re unsure how to formulate your question, here are a few you can try: “Is there a relationship that needs to be repaired, restored, improved?” “Is there something I can be doing to improve myself – mentally, spiritually, physically?” “Is there service I can bring to my community and the planet?”

Then, wait a moment. When an image rises, ask to be shown what to do about it. You may see an action you can take, you may see that you should simply hold whatever or whoever it is in loving light and grace. Stay with it for a while. Then thank your Highest Self for its help.

If you’d like more insight, ask to see what new project or initiative your Highest Self wants you to begin in the New Year. As it becomes clear, invite as full and detailed a picture of it as possible. Again, stay present to it, set your intention to take action, and thank your Highest Self for its Guidance. Invite in right alignment and timing for each action to help your manifestation be of the highest vibration and the most effortless.

You might be surprised and enlightened by what comes up – I was when I did the exercise today. Three people in their late eighties and early nineties, with whom I’ve been out of touch, came into my mind. My Highest Self told me, “Tend your elders.” I think I’ll make a few calls.

As the old year closes, and the new year begins, let’s do good – for others, for ourselves, for our planet – in big ways and small. Even though it’s never too late to do good, let’s get started now!

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