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Essence is our best self, our Highest Self, the Spirit aspect of our human form. It is “who we really are” at our core.

Traditionally, the term essence means “the inherent, unchanging nature of a thing.” This holds true for our spiritual Essence as well. The inherent nature of who we are doesn’t change – nor is it defined – by our outer lives. It is our soul, the blueprint of who we are – wholeness, Oneness, worthiness and perfection.

Recently, a new aspect of Essence emerged as I was working with a client. I found myself saying: “In your Essence, you are meant to know your magnificence!” We both smiled at the use of the word magnificence. It seemed pretty grand! She looked a little self-conscious about having it applied to her, but it felt absolutely right to me. And I realized – Essence is magnificent!

I kept hearing the word magnificent over and over again in my head. Wondering if the dictionary defined it with the same grandiose connotation that my client and I had associated with it, I looked it up. The definition was illuminating. Magnificent: Outstanding of its kind. Outstanding is a high-level word, but “outstanding of its kind” when applied to Essence struck the right note. In our Essence, we are each, truly, one of a kind, unique. We are, therefore, magnificent.

How do we know our magnificence? We learn about uniqueness again and again through the observation and study of nature, cells, personality, DNA, etc. Scientists, philosophers, poets, psychologists and innovative thinkers speak of it. Elizabeth Cady Stanton said, “Nature never repeats herself and the possibilities of one human soul will never be found in another.” Oscar Wilde has a humorous take on this is: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

Everyone else is already taken, because we are the only one of us. We are unique, we are “outstanding of its kind,” we are magnificent. What a wonderful place from which to live our lives!

Knowing our own magnificence and knowing that everyone else, in their Essence, is also magnificent, prevents this attitude from becoming egotistical. We can reinforce the universality of this condition by playfully conjugating: “I am magnificent; you are magnificent; he, she, it is magnificent; we, you, they are magnificent.” We are all in this vibration; we are all magnificent in our Essence.

I learned an interesting technique that might help us know and communicate to ourselves and to each other the vibration of magnificence. The technique is meant to help us project a positive image out into the world.

Imagine a billboard over your head, then decide what you want to project to the world: confidence, friendliness, openness, or some other quality. Imagine the billboard lit up with the quality you’ve chosen, shining brightly for the world to see.

As you hold this quality in your consciousness, and display it for others to see, you may notice that people will begin to respond to it – to your confidence, friendliness, openness – whatever it is you’ve chosen to project on your billboard that day.

See what you feel, what might get reflected in the experience. Let one of the qualities you experiment projecting on your mental billboard be magnificence. See if it helps you both know your own magnificence and see it in those you meet.

Give it a try – it’s a magnificent idea!

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