In These Intense Times, What Can You Do?

Buddha holding lotusThese are intense times – unsetting, deeply concerning – and they are affecting us all. Through our root chakra, we are a part of our culture, and even though we may not identify consciously with the negative actions and philosophies that are permeating our lives, they are in our energy fields.


As one incident after another shocks and disturbs our equilibrium, we are called into consciousness and put in a place of choice:

  • How will I respond?
  • How will I connect with my Essence Self in order to craft my intentions and actions to help the situation?
  • What will I think and do that will be of service to the highest good and well-being?


Holding the most loving and authentic vibration we can tap into is vital to our staying centered so that we can be of help. Here are some suggestions for both aspects – staying centered and helping.


Staying centered:

Pray, meditate, or sit quietly to center and connect with your Essence Self.


Spend time outdoors – as simply as sitting in a park, feeling your feet on the ground, watching the clouds roll by. Activities outdoors will refresh you and help you maintain vitality in your relationship with the Universe.


Share meaningful conversations with friends and family members. This reminds us that our lives have love and support which we can then extend to those outside of our innermost circles.


Being of help and taking action:

Use the power of prayer and visioning to send loving energy to the situations and people who call to you.


Step into a more visible arena by writing a letter to the editor or posting an inspirational quote or video on line.


One encounter at a time, build good will and loving kindness.


The point is to do somethingpositive and productive. Our energetic vibrations and the actions that they inspire will counteract the feelings of overwhelm and disempowerment that are dangerous to fall in to. Disempowered, we feel helpless and we do nothing. Empowered, we can stay present and effective in our actions to help change the world.

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