+ horizon ocean bench Feb 2010 21350147_sOne of the things I appreciate about living in Massachusetts is our proximity to the ocean. I love visiting the beaches in Truro and Provincetown on Cape Cod. I sit on the sand and let my breathing slow and deepen. Gradually, I feel the tightened muscles around my mouth and eyes soften. The sound of the waves fills and cleanses me. My awareness is focused on the vastness of the water and sky. I am conscious of how small I am in proportion to this great expanse, but I don’t feel insignificant. It just reminds me of the vast potential and possibility the Universe holds.

I am struck by the sacredness of the elements of water and air, and can imagine why Native cultures deified Grandmother Ocean and Father Sky. They are rich, sacred presences in Nature. They are balanced energies as well, equally beautiful, necessary, and powerful. The other elements, earth and fire are also sacred and deeply important. What a blessed and sacred environment we live in.

Lately, when I visit the ocean, my attention has been drawn to the horizon line, the meeting point of sky and water. This point is very powerful to me. It reminds me of the spiritual law, “As above, so below.” Picture a figure eight, the shape often used to depict this principle, and notice the cross point in the center where the two circles meet, above and below. This point, where the spheres touch, corresponds to the horizon.

I think of both realms, above and below, as sacred. Above is Divine Father energy (sky or air, fire – sun and light). Below is Divine Mother energy (water, earth). Energetically, these symbolize to me the sacredness of our spiritual Self as well. Above, Below; all is sacred, all is Spirit.

The intersecting line of above and below in the natural world is the horizon. In our spiritual being, the line of intersection is at the heart. I see our Essence as being a long, vertical line from above our heads to below our feet. Imagine a horizontal line of love and light and energy at the heart which balances the vertical line of love, light, and energy that is Essence.

This horizontal line represents our lives manifesting on the planet. We are, after all, Spirit in human form. We are meant to manifest fully during our lifetime. I think of the horizontal line as counterbalancing and supporting my spiritual Essence. It provides the means to really be in the fullness and richness of this physical life, while I am also deeply in Spirit. Both/And, both a spiritual being and a human one.

There is a lovely Chi gong position called “Connecting Heaven and Earth.” I do a version of this every morning for a few minutes, and I invite you to try it. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees “soft” (not locked). Rest your hands at your heart as if on a ball made of light and energy. Gently extend one arm above you, palm towards the sky while extending the other arm below you, palm towards the earth. Hold for a moment, feeling the energy circulate between one hand and the sky, between the other hand and the earth. Bring your hands back to your heart, and, after a moment of reconnection with the ball of light, extend each hand in the opposite direction.

This exercise has all the aspects: the sacred above, the sacred below, and the sacred middle, the connecting point.

I also invite you to cue into the horizon, even if you are not at the ocean. I have found a clear view of the horizon close to my house, up a hill where I walk most days. From this spot, I can see where the sky meets the tree tops. I’ve also noticed three huge radio/TV signal towers and a church steeple – vertical structures that remind me of the connection of above and below with the horizon line. I also see a beautiful view of the horizon each week on my way to my West Roxbury office. There is another amazing vista point in the Arboretum in Jamaica Plain, and a view that just doesn’t quit at the top of the tower in Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

Look around! Try to find the horizon in our building-filled environment. Then, take time to enjoy the view. Feel the expanse and know the limitless possibilities in our Universe. Sense the line of connection and balance that the horizon provides with the Above/Below vertical line. Take a deep breath, feel your alignment with the sacred and the human. Know the connection between heaven and earth – and know that you are that connection.

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