Fear Be Gone!

+ winter sunrise field Jan 12 blog 5918767_sMaking New Year’s resolutions is something I enjoy doing. Intentions, the precursors to resolutions, are energy-thought forms I use all the time for self-improvement and growth. The symbolism of a fresh start at New Years enhances the process and makes it even more meaningful.

So when my daughter asked me the other night what my resolutions were for this year, I was surprised to realize that I hadn’t made any yet. I quickly got to work. While the standard ones for exercise, diet, more of this, less of that, are in the mix of my resolutions, here are a few others that are a little off the beaten path.

Lighten Up! There’s something about the grand scale of the out-of-doors that helps me put myself and my problems into perspective. Walking along the Charles River, looking at the sky, seeing the far-off horizon, I am struck by how much bigger nature is than I am. I realize that neither I, nor my problems, are really all that significant or serious most of the time. “Put things in a new perspective,” I think. “My energy is only one aspect of a huge creative force. This is only one lifetime of many.” These thoughts help me expand my thinking and vision of my life, and therefore lighten up about it.

Perhaps life could be a little less onerous and more playful than we allow it to be most of the time. This year, I’ve decided to put a smile on my face and laugh it up whenever I can. I’m going to take delight in everything I find that brings pleasure. I’m resolving to lighten up in 2012!

Fear Be Gone! Sometimes I wish there was a product to remove energetic gunk from our consciousness, like there is for removing grass and lipstick marks from our clothes. I’d call my product “Fear Be Gone!” and I’m sure it would be a big seller!

So much fear, so often disguised as other things! So many of our negative feelings are fear-based: worry, concern, dread, tension, anxiety, stress…

I believe all our feelings are either fear or love-based, so if we’re not feeling love (i.e. harmony, peace, ease, contentment, happiness, flow – and so on), we’re in fear. We might call it stress – but what is the language of stress? “I was afraid I’d miss my deadline.” “I was concerned I wouldn’t get the job.” “What if it doesn’t turn out all right?” The basis of the stress is fear of something.

How do we let fear be gone from our lives? We start by recognizing it and calling it what it is. Then, remembering that we actually have choices about how we respond to things, we can choose to let fear go and choose love.

In 2012, I’ve decided to get strict with fear! I’m going to tell it, “Fear, be gone! I choose love. I mean it, fear! Get out of here!” Then, I’ll go do something to bring in love: silently bless the next driver I pass on the road, or call someone and tell them I’m glad they’re in my life. I’ll ask the Universe what this moment might look/feel like if I weren’t fearful, then imagine it richly and feel it deeply. I’m resolving to live in love, not fear in 2012!

Trust Consequences! My friend Leah is getting ready for a spiritual retreat in Peru. Not only is she packing her bags and settling things in her household before she leaves, she’s weaning herself off caffeine and preparing for various dietary and lifestyle adjustments she’ll have to make for the duration of her stay. Marveling at her willingness to take on the hardships of a difficult journey – the humidity, bugs, cold showers, etc. – I asked her what had led her to take on this experience. She explained that she’d been drawn for quite some time to this particular spiritual retreat, and that in order to follow Spirit’s guidance, she’d realized she was going to have to go along with whatever else came with it. To be in alignment with the higher purpose of her retreat, she’d have to accept some of the discomforts, and trust the consequences.

Following leadings and staying in alignment is often easier to decide to do than to actually do. And knowing that some of the resultant experiences/consequences may not always be within our comfort zone can increase the challenge. What are we setting ourselves up for?

When I’ve experienced acting on this kind of alignment, the risks are often less intense and the benefits greater than I expected. For myself, the key is usually to stop letting fear overwhelm me (where’s that bottle of “Fear Be Gone!”?) and to stay in ease. Beginning with a well-discerned sense of the leading is important, too, but imagine being undaunted by the prospect of consequences. What leadings might you try then?

So, I’m beginning by experimenting with trusting consequences on small leadings. For example, when I woke up the other morning with a big list of tasks to take on, but found myself really wanting to finish the last fifty pages of the book I was reading, I set the list aside and started reading. It was a teeny act of trusting consequences – trusting that my list of things to do would actually get done at some other time – that allowed me to do what I really felt like doing in the moment. I really did have to suspend my worry (fear) in order to take a couple of hours off. But, I did it, and it felt good to follow my desire and enjoy my book.

So, lighten up, let go of fear, and trust the consequences. These are my resolutions for the New Year. I may just use them for the rest of my life!

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