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+ Tilly Energetic Staff Mar 11 6097402_sAt the end of a dinner party, I try to be a good guest by offering to help my host and hostess clean up. One of my friends always declines my offer by scooting me out of the kitchen, saying, “Don’t worry about it! I’ll have Tilly take care of things in the morning!” Now, we both know that there isn’t a real Tilly, that my friend and her husband will be putting the food away and washing up the dishes, but I play along with her. It’s fun to imagine life with a housekeeper or someone who takes care of tasks we’d rather not do or haven’t time for.

Most of us feel overwhelmed and overworked in our busy lives and wish we had others who could take on some of the load. One day, I could use someone to run errands, cook dinner, help me with a computer problem, or do marketing work for my business. Another day, I might need an “ideas” person, a researcher, an editor, or someone to see to it that I give myself a few hours off. But, other than my husband (who actually does help me with editing, tech support, taking his turn cooking dinner, and telling me to take a break) I am, like most of us, ultimately managing things on my own.

At times, it is all too much for me. I get worried, anxious, and stop feeling the quality of ease I aim for in my life. Over time, I’ve experimented with various ways of alleviating this sense of being overwhelmed, and recently came up with a new technique I’ve been trying out. Inspired by Tilly the imaginary housekeeper, and, more seriously, by a friend’s creation of a spiritual board of directors, I decided to get playful and create an energetic staff of helpers who would stay on top of things when I can’t attend to the many areas of my life that simultaneously need my attention. My staff is composed of several committees covering the aspects of my life that need help: personal (health, exercise, diet), relationships (family, friends, community), professional (development, expansion), financial (right flow of resources), and so on.

My energetic staff’s work is to be creative, to inspire me with ideas or solutions. I ask them for advice, and take their suggestions for things such as: the order and prioritizing of my work, or what to set aside and what to take on. When my attention is not directly on something, I remind my staff to work on it for me. Recently, I had a piece of writing I needed to do, but didn’t have the time or inspiration for it. Having asked my staff to work on it for me, I found that when I finally came to write it, the words flowed out quite easily. Clearly, my staff had been working on it in the background.

We have periodic staff meetings (isn’t this fun?) and I regularly express my appreciation for their work. Last week, after my staff helped me prepare the content and delivery of a short speech I was giving, I sent them an energetic bouquet of roses to thank them for the extra effort they’d put in on the project. (More fun!)

This may sound a little over the top, but it has been a way for me to make more tangible what I’m already doing when I turn to the Universe for help. It has created a structure that is imaginative and specific. The playfulness of it is pleasurable, and helps make me feel lighter, less burdened. And the real magic is that, as with any means we use to call in help, help comes. As my staff works on my agenda, I am more in ease, knowing that it’s being taken care of. In my mind, this is similar to praying or calling in Spirit and allowing myself to receive help.

Applying the principle of “As Above, So Below,” I’ve also started manifesting some of my spiritual energetic staff in human form. I’ve asked a few people to support me in my business expansion by acting as a sounding board for some ideas, by brain-storming course description materials, by sharing some organizations who might want to hear of my services. The energetic speech staff led me to discover that a very articulate friend has (quelle surprise!) been through the Toastmasters program! She’s now my (earthly) content and presentation coach.

I expect more people will show up to reinforce my energetic staff, and I look forward to working with them, but I will continue to use the staff in my energy field as well. It turns out that the saying “Good help is hard to find” isn’t really true! When you create your own energetic staff, they’ll most likely match your job description quite well – and perhaps even turn out to provide more than you might have known you wanted or needed.

Try it out and let me know what you discover. Life can be a lot easier with staff.

Gotta run – I just remembered I need to vacuum the floors! Hey! Maybe I’ll call my friend and see if Tilly has some spare time…

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