Declare Your Personal Independence!

Colorful fireworks over dark sky during a celebration

While the traditional Fourth of July holiday is grounded in a celebration of our country’s independence, we can apply the same energy to our personal lives by declaring our own independence from anything that seemingly binds and traps us.

What holds you captive? Maybe you feel like the world is against you, or that you’re not really worthy of good things in your life. Maybe you’re trapped in habitual discontent or a relationship that doesn’t nurture you, support you, or inspire your Highest Good.

Declare your independence from these old ways of being! See them dissolve as you replace them with what is true – thought and energy patterns that bring you into a better-feeling place. “I am enough!” “There are ways in which I feel supported in the world.” “This friendship might not nurture me, but another one does. I’ll spend more time there.”

As you do some inner work around these issues in the next few days, you can then enjoy the fireworks on the Fourth as part of your personal celebration of independence. Watch them light up the sky as you declare your new state of being – one that is a stronger, more authentic vibration than before, one that truly celebrates you in your Highest Self.

Happy Independence Day!

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