Could Your Spirit Use a Tune-Up?


Stacked Rocks at SunsetYou take quiet time, reflect on your blessings, ask the Divine for support through your day.

But sometimes, you still feel “off.” Why is that?

Well, as I am fond of saying, we are in human form, after all.

But more than that, we need only acknowledge the intense pace of our culture, the volume of sound and stimulation we experience all the time and note the tragedies around us, to recognize that it’s pretty challenging to stay centered and consistently focused in a harmonious place.

And yet, it is our work as spiritually conscious beings to keep bringing ourselves back in alignment, back in tune with our Essence Self. This is the internal place that keeps us in flow and ease. And as we are in this place of grace, we influence those around us to experience it as well.

We can help ourselves return to center by renewing our commitment to our current practices, by doing them more frequently, doing them in a different way. Instead of sitting for your quiet time, take a silent walk by a river or around a lake. Look up at the sky, allow it to inspire an expansion of your inner horizon.

As well as asking the Divine for support, ask that the help you offer a friend in need be truly Divinely inspired. The energy flowing through you will also shift your vibration and both of you will feel more at ease.

Enhancing what you already do with some new practices will also enrich the tapestry of your daily experience and help you re-tune and re-calibrate. Using a sound or vibration will give your field a tone to entrain with. Ring a bell, put a wind chime in your window, hum a tune and feel the vibration in your body.

Vibrating fields will lose their tuning, but they can find them again. None of us need be permanently out of tune. Applying consciousness and thoughtful practices will help us stay in harmony with our inner and outer lives.

Please connect with me about my services in my private client practice as well as in the workshops, retreats, and rituals listed below. Together we can harmonize our lives!

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