+ books in a stack Classics Jan 2010 13406167_sWe think of the “classics” in art, music and literature as being those paintings, compositions, and books that have withstood the test of time. They still speak to us, teach us, bring us pleasure, and enlighten us, though they have been around for years, decades, or even centuries. They transcend changeable trends and retain their power over time.

So it is with some adages that are part of our culture. Two classic adages – one older, one newer, came to my mind recently, because they speak deeply to me. The first “classic” is from Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” You may have heard this adage so many times that it has lost its punch (one of the dangers “classics” fall prey to – becoming over-used and a little mundane), but what a brilliant insight this is! Fear is such a destructive energy that it is something worth fearing! Whenever we go into fear, or some lesser level of fear, such as dread, anxiety, or even nervousness, our energy slows down, sometimes to a complete standstill, and we are can become frozen, unable to act. At best, fear makes me grumpy and negative about whatever is going on; at worst, it paralyzes me.

Fear is a topic I deal with a lot, both in my own life/spiritual journey and in hearing about my client’s journeys. For example, I thought about the “fear factor” a lot last year, when the financial world was in free-fall. I remember wondering what our experience of the situation would be like if we could just take fear out of it for ourselves, if we could forget about being afraid that we wouldn’t have enough money, that everything was collapsing. What would it be like if we could just take a hard look at the situation, without fear, and realize that while there were clearly some big problems to work on, that having fear wasn’t helping us? Instead, fear often clouded our ability to be present, problem solve, and see that perhaps our financial system (and our whole system of valuation) was restructuring itself – possibly for the best. There were, and are, real problems, beliefs, and attitudes about money and our system of worth that needed to be examined and shifted; but feeling fear was only getting in the way of working on those.

I appreciate “fearing” those times when fear comes into my energy, because it thwarts me and holds me back. Consequently, I do everything I can to shift that energy, so I can go on and create what is in alignment with my Highest Self. The energy of creation is reflected in my second classic adage: “If you build it, he will come.” This is a newer “classic” but one that has permeated our culture over the last twenty-some years. I’ve seen it written with some slight variations, but its meaning remains consistent: envision and manifest.

Do you remember where this quote originated? It is from the movie “Field of Dreams.” This movie charmingly tells the story of an Iowan farmer’s inner voices that ultimately lead not only to the building of a baseball diamond in his cornfield, but to a healing of his relationship with his father. (I love this movie, and look for any opportunity to share the fact that our family has a very personal connection with it. My husband edited the book that the movie is based on. And we’re actually in the movie in two ways: our name is used – and actually pronounced correctly! – and Lawrence and I are extras in the Fenway Park scenes…But I digress.)

“If you build it, he will come” is a statement of creation. Some have connected it with the Law of Attraction. It reminds me of the somewhat more negatively put, “Be careful what you wish for!” These statements speak to the power of our thoughts, desires, wishes, and visions to create and manifest what we are in highest alignment with.

But we can’t manifest the “good stuff” when fear is in the picture. Fear gets in the way, slows the process, and even contorts the desire. When I feel myself going into fear, I try to stop, ask myself what I’m fearing, why, and if I really want to surround whatever I’m doing with fear. I take a few conscious breaths (those help a lot!) and settle my energy down through my body and into my feet. I remember what is good, positive, and joyful about my life and my task, and go on from there. Fear is a challenging energy, but I refuse to let it get the better of me.

So, at this traditional time of new resolutions, resolves, and intentions, discover the power of intention. Begin to clear your fear patterns so you can create, create, create.

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