Circles and Oneness

+ Circles Overlap Oct 08 14576796_sWhile glancing through the housewares catalogue from Crate and Barrel, I noticed that the circle is currently in vogue as a decorative motif. I found them all over the place, on pillows, placemats, shower curtains, rugs…circles alone, overlapping, in an inner/outer formation. The symbolism of the circle is very powerful, and it interests me that it is such a prevalent shape at this time.

Circles symbolize unity, completeness, oneness, singularity, solidarity, without end, undivided, wholeness. These are qualities we are looking for in our fractured and individualized sense of ourselves as people and as nations, and certainly in our inner sense of connection with Source. We are working to heal the split between our outer selves and our Essence. What better energy than circle to help guide us back into Oneness?

Has anyone else noticed that the word “Oneness” begins with an “O” which is a circle??

I’ve balked at times at the idea of oneness, fearing that somehow it implies being the same as everyone. As always, my trip to the dictionary revealed a definition that clarified this for me.

Oneness: 1. the quality or state of being one; singleness. 2. singularity; uniqueness.

Contained within Oneness, then, is uniqueness (as in, “One of a kind”!). So, we can be both in Oneness and in our uniqueness. We do not lose our individuality when we are in connection with ourselves or with others.

And we certainly don’t lose our uniqueness when we are One with Spirit. In fact, I think our uniqueness is enhanced by our oneness with Spirit. Note this from the book, Divine Proportion by Priya Hemenway: “The Greek term for the principles represented by the circle was monad, from the root menein, ‘to be stable,’ and monas, or ‘Oneness.’ The relation of the monad to other numbers can be seen in the metaphor of simple arithmetic: Any number when multiplied by one remains itself (three times one equals three), the same is true when one divides into any number (five divided by one equals five). One, monad, preserves the identity of all it encounters.”

I just love this last line, “One, monad, preserves the identity of all it encounters.”

If Source is Oneness and we are united with Source, then our identity and uniqueness is preserved by that connection. That is certainly my experience when I am conscious of my connection into my Essence, which I consider to be Source energy. I feel like myself, at my highest and most empowered vibration to be who I am. Multiply me by One, and I’m “I Am” and in a very strong, spiritual place – enhanced, supported, sustained by Source, God, Universal life force.

When such a powerful symbol is being used in advertising and decoration, it implies that to a certain degree, it has permeated the culture. Let’s use this energy for our inner growth. Let’s join Source in Oneness. Let’s join together as individuals in Oneness. Let’s see what happens then.

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