Blessing the New Year 2018

As we cross the threshold into a new year, may you feel a sense of Awakening, of Expectancy and wonder.

The year 2018 will bring Adventure, and Spirit gives us the promise that we will walk that adventure well-prepared, using the gifts of Vision and Discernment to guide each step.

May you Synthesize all the experiences and lessons of this past year into an inner knowing that is full of wisdom. May this knowledge bring you Strength and Freedom.

Through your inner Harmony, may you have the ability to Relax into each moment.

May you know right Patience – when to be still and also when to act.

May you show Kindness to others, to yourself.

May the divine Peace of Spirit permeate your every breath. And, may you bring love, grace, and deep consciousness to all you are and to all you do.

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